Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Long Day But Short on Results

No word from the realtor. She has a lot to process.
Surprise showers in the morning, done before I was up, but got the garbage bins wet. Glad I put all the cardboard inside the bins instead of bundling.

As usual the lawn cuttings were picked up first then the garbage and the recycles not until about 2.

The usual breakfast. I forgot to take my night time meds, no wonder my Hgl was high.

Did not go anywhere, lunch was corn dogs and chocolate cake with whipped cream which all made my innards explode. Good thing it's a short trip to the toilet. It happened when I was watching the daily stream, made three trips. Plenty of warning, so no accidents.

Munched some pink meds and a bunch of saltines. Ginger ale may or may not have helped.

Ran the big pet fountain through the dishwasher, but it wasn't pumping right when re-assembled. Took it apart and a piece had fallen off the pump. Easy fix, now it works like it should. Spook was not happy with the missing fountain, but she has one near the window in the livingroom which she uses a lot more.

Livingroom web cam stopped transmitting, took it down and hooked it to the router directly, did some troubleshooting and now it is fine.

Watched some TV, was lured in by a masked singer episode which turned out to be an infomercial for it. It's an expensive show to  produce, they are trying to build up an audience. It was good last year, but so is the Thai version.

Spook slept next to me most of last night. Progress.

6:30, braved Hwy 237  which was bumper to bumper until I finally squeezed into the commuter lane, then it was 50 mph until I had to squeeze back to the exit lane.

BASFA meeting, attendance was less than expected but more than enough. I set out the CDs and T-shirts and told people to go for it. One person grabbed most of the CDs to take to a filk convention, but I think I took home all the shirts. Got a lot of good wishes for my move. And I was auctioned off to help sell stuff at the Las Vegas sci-fi convention.

It still doesn't feel like I'm moving. Too many familiar things around me.

I unlocked the huge heavy lock box which I thought only had sapphires, but it also had two jade bracelets, some emerald jewelry from Mom, and a dolphins around a sapphire pendent I made for mom which got screwed up because the jeweler thought it was for me so he made it way too big. And the scale I used to weigh each sapphire, but no sign of the spreadsheet I made with all the info. Could not find it on the PC either.

Paid the $100 mover deposit. Email from LV manager that they have a separate van-friendly entrance.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bag more T-shirts
Box up the rest of the CDs
Costumes and jackets --> GW
Call the bead shop in MV and ask where I might be able to donate the sapphire collection or consign it.

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