Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Final Haul

Up way late, had to finish two chapters to get to the part where the hero realizes his foot was missing. Spook curled up behind me till  I got up. She was in bed most of the night too, though she stated embedded in the sheepskin rug.

The usual breakfast, but last HB egg so probably back to oatmeal tomorrow.

Looked again but did not find the sapphire spreadsheet, but did find the folder with all the photos. Did not call the bead shop.

Gathered all the T-shirts and jackets and hats which were hard to part with. Filled three big black bags. Put all the remaining CDs - 400 of them - into a pair of U-haul book boxes. It was quite a struggle hauling them out to the car. Very heavy.

Played online, had a salad but no real lunch, watched the daily streamer, then it was time to go to Goodwill. Tuesday afternoon, not a lot of customers but not a lot of helpers either. Got it all done in 15 minutes. When asked, they said they won't take the CD racks, and probably not the bedroom TV stands. Add those to the haul-away list.

Too early to go to the Thai place for dinner, and nothing to buy at GO to charge the car (did not have my tablet or laptop, so half an hour at Peets would be boring) so went home.

Checked all the news, was disturbed at how much good press the incredibly well-connected and entitled Cokie Roberts was given on news of her passing. A prime example of someone who got where she did by choosing the right parents.

Tivo called. Two PTI episodes, the final Girls' Cruise, Below Deck Med in which the chief stew is phoning it in, second stew is spending most of her day in her idiot boyfriend's bunk and third stew is bothered that she did not get the same amount of credit when she filled in as chef as the real chef is getting. It will surprise me if they go another season.

There is Bachelor recording now, and I think one Ex on the Beach on the hard drive.

Felt uncomfortable with buyers knowing the door code, so I changed it. The instructions had the original number written on them, so I put that as primary and gave it to realtor, and did an easier secondary one for me to use.

Streamed for an hour 5-6-ish, no chatters.

Salad and pizza for dinner. Egg cream for dessert.

Found an old Win7 half-sized laptop in the closet, it still had my login. I formatted the drive, but it won't restore to factory settings, so it will go to the recycle center.  Gathered all the stray electronics and bagged them.

I'm still getting email and calls from Indian pimps who are working from month-old data. Bad data. Or rather their bad interpretation of questionable data.

The move logistics are starting to come together in my mind. Movers can pack, I can set a delivery date to allow junk & hazmat removal and cleaning. And car transport & Spook transport. Fly to LV and be there to claim the car & the cat. Possibly board Spook and motel myself.

I may need to make one more short trip if my house doesn't sell in time, to select a different unit there.

Plan for tomorrow:
SMART Station, recycle the electronics
Porch time
Maybe realtor time
maybe Thai place for dinner.

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