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Transitors, Resistors and Wires

My first electronics job was as a field service repairman for TRW, affectionately known as Transistors, Resistors and Wires. Actually named for three founders, Thompson Ramo Wooldridge. Today I took two bags of wires, cables and various electronics parts to recycle. Also donated a half-size Toshiba laptop which I was able to wipe the hard drive but the factory reset didn't work, the symptoms were as if the factory partition was not there. It could be imaged from a Windows DVD but since I was donating it I didn't see a reason to spend that much time.

But first, there was breakfast, a banana and a bowl of oatmeal. And reading the news online, and going to the community center for the coffee klatch at 10, but nobody showed so it's off my calendar now.

Recycle center had moved the electronics bins, they do that often but it's always annoying. The one staff member was busy with someone who had 1600 neatly stacked aluminum cans to cash out so I was able to just drop my stuff in the bin and drive away.

Home, the windshield gathered a few drops of rain, but not much and not for long.

Chatted with Lee as she was taking her dogs out for a walk, my front door was open, screen was closed, and Spook teased the dogs till one barked at her.

Watched hummingbirds at the feeder.

Ran the Roomba, but it kept getting caught in all the usual places, and could not find its way to the charger 2 feet away.

Online - no streamers, not much on Facebook. Tivo had the final Bachelors in Paradise, a 3-hour episode including the cast wrap-up. Paused it half an hour in to watch the daily drive on Twitch. Bachelors ended with three couples getting engaged, and one mis-matched couple splitting up when the guy couldn't get up the courage to just say "no". The woman was saying all the right words, but I had a hard time believing she meant them. Okay, she meant them as far as playing the game went. She had nothing in common with him, the guy she really wanted was kicked off the program for fighting. For her. She should have left with him.

The episode before, the whitest guy on the show walked away from the DDG woman of color when she said she wasn't quite there yet. They both went home when a trip to the Fantasy Suite would have gotten her there. At the wrap up she revealed that after talking to her mom, she flew across the country, knocked on his door and accepted his proposal - to be his girlfriend. Phony as all get-out. But it played well for the cameras. Whitey is dumb as a rock, sounds like a stoned surfer dude and his reciting of a short Shakespeare poem was pathetic. But Bachelor Nation isn't all that educated, so they lapped it up.

Two episodes of PTI, one refused to be deleted. Had to restart Tivo to erase it.

Caught the after-game Giants/Red Sox show, Bochy's 2,000th career win. Major kudos from the crowd, he was seriously touched. 10 more games before he retires.

But I forgot the big news of the day, Realtor says she will be working on a cash sale contract at 10:30 Saturday, apparently all that is left is verifying income for the park (they will owe $1400/mo in space rent). And she says another company's rep wants to show the house, 9:30 am Saturday. I suggested 10:15 because I will be going to a tea at the community center at 10.

Of course she will continue to book showings until a sale is final. More bidders can mean more $$. Fine with me, as long as it happens.

Looked up libraries in LV, there is one right down the block from the park. Yay.

Plans for tomorrow:
Or tonight - sapphires research
post exercise bike & Casio keyboard on Nextdoor
Target Starbucks


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