Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quiet Day at The French Store and PetSmart

The usual morning, except I did not answer AG's 8:30 call, and my Hgl level at 10 was below 100. Should have done a BP reading but got distracted.

Watched some of the metal detector's stream, b ut broke away to make salad and heat up a frozen lunch.

Then off to Target, ordered a mocha and found a rare table near an A/C outlet and plugged in the laptop in time for the daily ride home stream. But the combination of the stream having issues and Target's wi-fi suckage made it somewhat painful.

However, there were many shapely bottoms in tight pants and leggings to be seen. After finishing the drink I packed things up and bought a few items from my list. They did not have scoop-free litterbox cartridges so one more stop at PetSmart, where I got the last one on the shelf. Paid too much - it was $2 more than I thought it said online. Much cheaper at Amazon, but you have to buy 3, and I only wanted one. Possibly less $$ at Petco.

Home, not much to do except sit on the porch and watch hummingbirds till it got cold & windy.

Not much on TV, read all the news online.

J wants to meet tomorrow, I said okay, but would rather wait till Sunday.

Dinner was chicken soup heated on the stove with extra water and some won tons. Ice cream sandwich for dessert. Actually, pre-dinner Hgl was 70's so I had an ice cream sandwich before dinner too.

Streamed for half an hour, no chatters. :-(

Sunnyvale is doing Jekyll & Hyde. I should go see that. I should have tried out for it, but the job thing screwed me up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe call AG
3:30 meet J at Peet's
Charge the car while I'm there

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