Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Table Tops

A little twist this morning. Up at 6:30, played videos on the tablet till 8:30. Breakfast was a banana and a soufflé of best of the egg and shredded mozzarella.

Not much news to read, almost all the headlines were from AP, even the ones about Trudeau.

Not much on Twitch, no storms being chased despite the major flooding in Texas. None of the StormviewLive crew seemed to know why nobody was out there. Or even planning to be out there.

Saw a bit of a congressional hearing featuring the mother of a boy killed by police in NY where all the cops went scott free, and even got pay raises. Congress should have intervened 5 years ago. Obama's AG should have filed at least a civil suit.

Watched Ex on the Beach and that was all Tivo had to offer. It was pretty good, they sent the right person home, though they should have sent 2 of them home. But as usual the cheating liar got to stay. The new ex to wash up on the beach is a total knock-out, and someone is bound to steal her away from her ex, who is working on a much less attractive babe.

Joined the daily drive home after lunching on salad and turkey w/carrots frozen meal. Chocolate cake for dessert.

The repositioned Arlo came is working overtime notifying me of passing cars it should be ignoring, even with the sensitivity set way low. I wish I'd bought Nest cams. Not really, they are 3x the price and need an AC power source.

Ordered a pair of 10-foot fast charging A to C cables, due tomorrow. The tablet is not charging while it is being used, due to a low speed extension cable.

Got to Peet's at 3, plugged the car in, got a mocha which the barista messed up - she mixed the whipped cream in, instead of leaving it on top. Made a mess.

Half an hour, J had not arrived yet, went out to the car to put the laptop away and run another charging session. Laptop did well, it was 100% charged when I put it in the car yesterday, was still at 97% today. Old battery would have been down 1/4.

Chatted till 5, J had someone else to visit.

Home, not much to do. PTI from yesterday, but today's was two fill-in hosts so I deleted it. It does not work without at least one of the regular hosts.

Watched an old NatGeo special on looking for Ghengis Khan's tomb. The main searcher kept calling him Jengis. Apparently doesn't know what the H is for.  He admits he's an amateur. They found something, maybe the tomb, maybe just a temple. Their lack of pathfinding skills was laughable.

Dinner was breaded fish fillets and tater tots. Mochi dessert.

I was so bored and there are people coming to see the house tomorrow morning so I cleared off and cleaned the top of the very cluttered office work table, and then did the same to the not so cluttered livingroom coffee table. And since the Lemon Pledge was out, I wiped down the piano too.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am , new residents' tea at the community center (10:15 house showing they want me gone - but I'll spy on them)
Maybe I'll zip over to Sunnyvale theater and see Jekyll & Hyde. The part I played is being done by the guy who teaches the local barbershop classes. It will be interesting to see how he handles the not at all barbershop-like quartet number.

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