Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

You Can Run, But You Can't Jekyll

Banana and oatmeal for breakfast. Lime soda.

Watched streams on Twitch and read news, played solitaire and tile matching, and when 11 am rolled around fired up the BT headphones but no call from realtor. I nudged her with a text, and she called.  Bad news as expected, the people she thought were making an offer on the house were making lots of offers on lots of houses, and not being of this country were unaware this is not how it is done. So, no sale in sight. It's been 3 weeks, so she wants to do an open house. Fine with me, but I don't know what needs to be done to get ready for one -- I have never sold a house before. So she is coming over Tuesday morning to take a look.

I looked up donation pickup places, and may be able to have the tables and CD racks picked up by a veterans' group. Exercycle and electric piano too.

Microwave is making rude noises, I may need to replace it. The ones I like are almost $200. :-(

Or I may wait till I move, and use the built-in one more.

After her call I did a quick GO run, got salad greens and mochi. And bananas. Among other small things. It was a day of inconsiderate shoppers parking in front of what I wanted and then walking away from the cart to another aisle. Grr.

Home, put stuff away, watched some of the Raiders game, then at about 1:30 drove to SCP and waited too long for the lobby to open and despite clear weather and no latecomers, the show started 10 minutes late.

The director messed things up from the start. The body on the hospital bed is supposed to be Jekyll's dad, but they put some young Asian guy on there instead. The whole point of Dr J's drive to separate good & evil in people is his dad went insane, and he was unable to help him.

I don't know if they didn't mic all the ensemble, but half of the singers could not be heard in the many ensemble numbers. One of the things which drew me to doing the show years ago is every cast member has solo lines in the songs. Also, the women were singing an octave too high, sounded like screeching. The director was also the vocal director, so strike two. Costumes for the ensemble, especially hats, were often ridiculous. Sir Danvers was put under a hat twice as tall as a top hat, looked like it was from a French palace guard. Another was a mad hatter hat, with a feather where the size tag would have been. And the lawyer's hat was an alpine one with a feather. Some of the women's costumes were period, some were German (left over, perhaps, from when the director ruined Cabaret last year).

Jekyll started out weak and uninspired. He did a terrific Hyde, though. As usual for SCP, the sets sucked. Except for the lab, which was a clever set of roll-on tables which lit up in many colors.

Big pair of WTFs when Jekyll is getting ready to take the drug. First WTF is when the actor rolls up his sleeves, he has major tattoos all around both arms. Hyde might have tattoos, but not the doctor. Second WTF is the drug is supposed to be injected, but they had him drink it. Why have him roll up his sleeves if he isn't injecting it? Better to keep his sleeves rolled down when he is Doc and rolled up when he is Hyde.

In His Eyes was destroyed by the director taking it literally, she has both women in the lab with an exhausted, sleeping Doc, his fiancé actually fondles him a bit. Lucy doesn't belong in the lab at all. The way we did it in Palo Alto was much more effective, curtain down, one women on far stage left the other on far stage right, singing to the audience.

Lucy's song was Bring on the Men, and was done with a Cabaret style chorus in red with black trim German barmaid outfits. The choreography actually was pretty good. But I prefer the other song, a Lucy solo where she works the crowd, Good 'n Evil.

I was a little anxious about the quartet, the actor playing my part is a barbershop singer, and it's an operatic piece. Turns out he was excellent, but the woman playing his daughter was off key and above her range, which ruined it.

The orchestra was out of sight, I think under the stage in the pit. There was no monitor on the back wall for the actors to see the conductor, and as a result a lot of the singing was out of sync with the orchestra.

The audience was only about half full, after intermission about 1/3 of those people bailed. It sounded from the applause like most of the audience, like me, was there to see a friend in the show. I don't expect this one to sell out.

I waited for my friend the lawyer to come out to the lobby but he didn't. I did get to congratulate the guy who played my part, and one of the chorus women  who stood out.

Home, finished watching the Raiders give the game away. Erased the 9ers game since I heard the wrap up on the way home and it was an ugly squeaker of a win.  Did watch the Browns lose to LA.

Streamed for an hour, the last 20 minutes there were half a dozen active chatters.

Salad and then defrosted 1/4 of the chopped liver and made two sandwiches. Nearly choked on the raw onion. Poured a tub of Philly alleged chocolate cheesecake filling into a graham cracker crust from the freezer. The filling was on special at GO. Had a piece, it needs whipped cream and is in no way cheesecake, more like diluted Nutella pudding. One more slice tomorrow will determine if it stays in the fridge or gets poured down the disposal. But now I'm inspired to get some canned pie fillings for the three crusts in the freezer.

Moved the litterbox to the laundry room. Vacuumed the area, but both my vacuums are suck-less. I need another Hoover.

Took the kitchen garbage out to the curb. When I got back, Spook checked out the litterbox in its new (old) location and used it. I hope she uses it and not the livingroom floor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for furniture/stuff pickup.
Order a vacuum cleaner

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