Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Ado About Nothing

Up and weighed before the alarm then back to bed and read till almost 10. Hgl was almost normal. So was BP. Breakfast banana and oatmeal.

Read all the news, a little after 8 brought the garbage bin in and put out the recycle bin.**

Lucky's for a small list of items GO did not have. Went with the larger cheaper caramel hard candy because sugar-free was only 5 calories less per than the sugared ones. No Duncan Hines chocolate cake for one, but they had Ghirardelli's and also Duncan Hines coffee cake for one. I also got a box which makes cheesecake no-bake but lots of egg beater action.

Took my time - had to because there were masses of people stocking the shelves and blocking the aisles. Not a lot of eye candy.

Home. No mail. Amazon says the vacuum cleaner will arrive tomorrow.

Almost in time for the daily drive home but two doses of diuretic this morning (to make up for none yesterday because of the play) said open the floodgates as I was on my way to the toilet. Wore a sarong to the computer. After the online event I dried stuff off and got dressed.

Took a lie-down for an hour. Needed it.

Started watching MNF, another sloppy game, but some excellent defense.

5 pm checked for mail (none) and the **recycle bin (still full). I saw a neighbor check her recycle bin, it looked like hers had been collected. I need to check online [checked, nothing there] - there was a truck early this morning, but that's usually the lawn clippings.

6-7 streamed, lots of chatters from a gamer who hosted my site after his game was over.

Dinner finished off the green curry chicken. I need to defrost the last big bag of chicken bits and make something.

Dessert was a slice of that Philly cheese cake - it set up well, but tasted off. So unfortunately it got poured down the drain. Too bad, waste of a good graham cracker crust.

Watched PTI.

Finished watching the game, it got better in the 2nd half.

Penn & Teller recorded an hour ago, Below Deck is recording now,k but the info gives the name of a different boat. Hmmm.

The cleaned-out cabinet in the livingroom now holds the spare kitchen lights, two dollies and a step ladder. Bubble wrap is in the garbage.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the tray table away
11 am realtor visit.
Do what needs to be done for an open house

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