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In for the Short Haul

Realtor visited this afternoon, looked around, said that the place was almost ready for an open house, but she really needed me to have tables and such hauled off before. The Veterans free pickup is not available in my area, neither is Goodwill, so I'm going to have to pay about $500 to have that college hunks company do it. They will come out tomorrow at noon-2 pm (window) and make an estimate and they can do the work right then if I approve. I'll pull out my BofA Visa card for that.

When that's done I'll let her know to schedule an open house, I'm guessing for the weekend, but I'm fine with whenever.

Toyed with the idea of going to TwitchCon in San Diego this weekend, but they are sold out and hotel prices are obscene. Several people I watch on Twitch are going, one from Vegas, several from Ohio, Chicago and the Midwest.
The usual breakfast (I have HB eggs).

Late lunch - my last frozen lunch. I may shift to PNB sandwiches and grilled cheese. Plenty of salad greens though. Dessert was a coffee cake for one, Duncan Hines, same recipe as the chocolate cake but not nearly as good.

Vacuum cleaner arrived at about 4, once again they failed to ring the bell and the Arlo failed to trigger. Amazon echo dot lit up to let me know. Eventually.

Assembled it, and ran it over the office Persian rug and the big livingroom rug. It needed to be set for the highest nap and run over the same place several times, but unlike the other two machines it eventually did the job.

A little prep for tomorrow, I took the shelving off the tops of the two auction-bought tables and stacked the boards by the bedroom closet where they came from. Put the flower petal fountain on its pad on the floor by the cat landing. Spook is not thrilled but she is coping.

 Here's the list of what will be hauled off. I may add a couple of rugs:

Space heater & remote control
3 buckets

Space heater
3-piece TV stand

Guest room
2 vacuum cleaners (no suction)
2 carpet cleaners (one working, one needs brush repair)
5 pillows
jeans shorts
cat carrier
plastic rack
Electronic piano and stand
Metal frame side table

Metal frame side table
Coffee table

Piano Room
Exercise bike
Round plastic table (folded)

2 wooden CD racks
2 floor lamps

multiple indoor plant pots (plastic & ceramic)
Rolling cart


Chopped liver with a slice of onion and HB egg on my last pieces of sourdough rye. Ghirardelli brownie for one - not as easy or as big a serving as the Duncan Hines chocolate cake.

Rent bill arrived. Lower than last time, $180 instead of $220 electric.

Watched PTI and Below Deck Med. Captain Sandy is being short with her female staff, loving her menfolk. Final episode next week. I'm betting against another season.

Lots of channel surfing, mostly NFL analysis.

Streamed from 6-7, a few chatters, but they didn't stay long. Lots of new followers who never came back to chat.

Watched Vegas Penguin stream his drive from LV to San Diego. The others were already after dark their time zones, so boring.

Plans for tomorrow:
Empty the livingroom cabinet so it can be hauled away.
Put the metal pins back in the CD case which fell out when I removed the shelves
Take the stuff off the top of the fridge and freezer and stash it in bags from the kitchen rack
Put the 2nd litterbox top & door in the shed with the 2nd litterbox
Pull out the bike & table & ladder
College Hunks Move Junk


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