Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

They have the bike lock, I have the keys

Things forgotten in the rush:
Keys to the bike lock
Big white always-in-the-way el cheapo cabinet in the livingroom

Woke up at 6, pit stop then back to bed, but wanted to read the next chapter in the Kindle book. Finally out of bed by 8. Gained 1.5 lbs overnight. Way too high Hgl reading for no reason I can think of. Stress? Maybe. Not high BP reading.

Banana. Egg.

Email from LV manager, wants me to have an assessment done on the house I want to buy. I'm supposed to arrange for it and pay for it. I'll call the list of assessors, but I'm not thrilled about it - out here the seller has that done & pays for it.

Playing My Romance station on Pandora. App identified the current tune as Kathy Lee Gifford singing Help Is On The Way. I'd heard rumors she sang well for a trophy wife, and she does.

After checking the news, FB and email, went onto the porch and was surprised to see a HUGE extended pickup truck and open trailer parked across the street. Little by little three Mexicans took apart the house across the street and got it ready to be rolled out and away.

10 am

11:30 am

2:30 pm

Made me nervous because my junk haulers were coming between 12 and 2 to give me an estimate and remove a bunch of stuff. Tables, racks, TV stand, pillows, bike, ladder, etc. I did not thing both trucks would fit.

But they did. Blocked traffic, but only one car tried to come through, it was able to make a U-turn and go out another way.

Next door neighbor Lee made a nuisance of herself, she treated the hauling job as a flea market. She didn't get it. She managed to talk them out of a small mattress from a previous client, and one of my plastic racks. Then I sent her away.

The dispatcher blew it. Despite my sending a comprehensive list which required a full truck, she sent a truck which was already half loaded and while she told me they would be hauling stuff as soon as I approved the estimate, they had been told it was an estimate only. But we compromised and they hauled all the stuff I needed taken away, but left me on my own with the rugs and the stuff behind the shed & house. I can handle the rugs, now that they have the table, ladder, shop vac and bike, there is room in the shed to park things. I need to get a couple of baskets, like from Target.

Realtor asked if we can do an open house "next weekend" which I take to mean this coming weekend. Yup. I just need to know if I need to board Spook. Probably a good idea. Especially if they do 2 days of showings.

Meanwhile, the big ugly cabinet is now filled with dollies and stepladder and has a pretty Thai cloth hanging hiding that from view.

All the plants except the ones in the window above the kitchen sink are now in the lawn recycling bin, and the saucers and small pots are in the garbage. Big pots are on the rack outside. It was painful throwing out the catalayas but not so much since they were not blooming. Wiped clean the kitchen table.

No formal lunch, just a salad. Dinner was corn dogs and mixed veggies with mozzarella. DH serve-1 cake for dessert.

Watched an episode of trophy brides of Dallas. Very pretty eyes on many of those women. Nice change from the other Real Wives in that these women did not need huge breasts to justify marrying rich.

Started to watch the premier of Gold Rush, but it was a wrap up of the last 27 seasons so it is gone. PTI had both hosts in the studio for a nice change. Dating No Filter started with a couple of flamers**, I skipped that, but the hetero couple was a total win.

**I'm fine with gay couples dating, but not fine with people who go way out of their way to affect a gay persona.

Plans for tomorrow:
More tidying up
Sweep up the dirt I spilled outside
Relocate the bags of potting soil to outside
Target - small baskets for Stuff

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