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Basket Case

Up early, got to reading in the Kindle app. As I was reading, Spook joined me on the bed for a minute then jumped off and that was the last I saw of her for way too long.** Was in the shower when AG called. Will have to call him tomorrow. Almost 10 before I did my Hgl, and it was higher than expected. BP was okay though. Maybe a little low.

My Romance Pandora channel kept derailing my thoughts, lots of tunes I love. Had to turn it off to concentrate on reading email, FB and news.

The usual banana and egg but it took a while to remember to eat the egg.

Refilled the hummingbird feeders and immediately half a dozen zoomed around.

To-do list started with a trip to Lucky's with three containers of coins which have been on kitchen counters for a long time. I rarely use coins these days, and they didn't need to be sitting out for an open house.*** Fed coins for about 15 minutes: 309 pennies, 36 nickels, 62 dimes,176 quarters. $55.09 just entered into my Amazon account as an eGift card. A Gift eCard? Whatever.

On to Target, it took way too long to find the two aisles filled with all kinds of baskets. The plan was one nice looking one for Spook's toys, to sit in the livingroom and three meh baskets to load up with the stuff on the gardening cart, and the tops of the fridge and freezer to set in the shed along with the bags of potting soil.

Tempted to hang out at Starbucks, but I had work to do.

Home, checked the progress on the house demolition.

Double-wide was split into two single-wides by removing some screws on the roof, and taping black plastic on each side. The props also had been removed from under the house.

Put all Spook's loose toys in the basket and put the basket in front of the tall left stereo speaker. Looks like I missed a felt ball. I still had not seen Spook and was getting nervous. She was not in any of the usual hiding places that I could see. None of the window screens were off and all the doors were closed.

Watched some streamers converge on TwitchCon. Joined the drive home, and then metal detector guy. Or maybe it was the other way around. PNB&J on wheat bread and oat bread. Need to work on the English muffins, bagels and croissants in the freezer. Coffee cake for one for dessert.

Put all the things in baskets. But it was 90° outside so I watched mindless TV waiting for it to cool off.

Finally got worried enough **grabbed the huge flashlight, and shined it into the corners of the bedroom closet. Spook was hiding among the shirts in the center section. Normally she hides in the far corners. She was looking like I woke her up, so I let her alone, now that I knew she wasn't eaten by a rat or something.

Watched the Packers give away the game in the last 20 seconds, with the same mistake Seahawks made to lose that Superbowl.

Temp was 79° so it was time to take the baskets and bags to the shed. Lots of room there for them.

No word from Realtor, so I'm guessing she meant October 5-6 not this coming weekend for the open house. Bummer. But she may surprise me at the last minute.

Dinner was reheated pizza and dessert was ice cream sandwiches.

Delivered separately was a 3-month supply of my base insulin, and enough syringes for 6 months.

Watched one more Real Housewives of Dallas, but it was the one before the one  watched yesterday. I canceled the One Pass.

Masked Singer -- 2 hours was too much, but there was some amazing talent. I suspect Penn Gillette is one of the singers who wowed us. Mask name Thingamajig. He's tall, his clues include magic tricks, but maybe this guy is not wide enough to be Penn. And there were fantasy football champ clues which would not make sense. They guessed Johnny Weir and that Ridiculousness MC. I'm good with all the choices. Looking forward to a 1-hour show.

I need to find more shows for Tivo. Fall shows are re-starting so I'm probably good.

Tivo rebooted in the middle of PTI. PTI was recorded on a Samsung Note 10, and it showed. Aspect ratio, color balance, gamma, white balance were all off, and there was some jerkiness and dropped frames. What some shows will do to get a paying sponsor (PTI has had trouble holding onto sponsors).

Plans for tomorrow:
Call AG
Arrange for an inspection of the LV house
Continue to watch the house demolition
Dollar Store - look for a terrycloth steering wheel cover
Print the rent check

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