Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dollar Daze

Not much productive to do today. The usual breakfast a little earlier than usual because I got out of bed on time. Called AG and spoke for an hour but it took 4 tries for us to be able to hear each other. The curse of half duplex cell signals. I did most of the talking because I had most of the news. And I totally forgot to talk about boss' Thailand trip.

Called the first inspector on the list, he will arrange something for Tuesday with the LV manager. $275, which is less than expected.

Plan A implemented - drove to the Dollar Store in MV. It is definitely there, took over a building which was originally a very posh fitness club. Huge store, I was surprised at how many items they had. So much canned food, kitchen tools and cleaning stuff. Only a couple of feet of automotive things, but they did have one kind of terrycloth steering wheel cover, I bought two. Installed one, it fit, barely. I may need to go to an auto parts store or three to see if I can do better.

Watched some TwitchCon streamers, but the official opening was not till 5 pm. Joined the daily drive home but missed most of it because he left work an hour early.

Started to watch metal detector guy, but was feeling tired and eyes were irritated, so I took a nap. Spook jumped on the bed and laid down behind me. She was still there at 4:50 when I got up to tune into the Twitch opening ceremonies. After half an hour of back-patting, much of it focused on how deeply affiliates felt about becoming partners. These are one-dimensional crazy nerdlings, their reactions were way over the top. Like if they had been told that Grandma had risen from the dead and remembered where she had hidden their inheritance.

The COO came on for a well scripted interview and said they finally are going to enforce their online "safety" rules, which means if I file a report, they will at least send a note that they received it. Way too little, way too late, and it's amazing they have not been indicted for the doxxing incidents.

Two baloney and cheese on criossant sandwiches for lunch.

Watched PTI and  Ex on the Beach. One of the women there is completely psycho. I see her beating up her rival next week. For a minute we thought she had been saved when a ex washed up on the beach and wanted her back, but he turned out to be a stupid/bully of a drunk. To everyone in the house.

Hot pot with Korean thin sliced brisket for dinner. Did not have any noodles, so just added steak sauce and onions/garlic. It was okay. Way too many grapes and whipped cream for dessert.

Spook has been plunking herself down on odd, random places. She's definitely disoriented by all the changes.

I filled 6 soda stream bottles and it ran out of charge. I always have a spare, though.

No word from Realtor, so I guess no open house this weekend.

Plans for tomorrow:
Soda stream cartridge exchange
Randomly watch TwitchCon

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