Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rosemary Surprise

The biggest surprise today is I didn't hear from my realtor. I thought we were doing the open house this weekend. I guess not.

The usual breakfast, but late since I didn't get out of bed till almost 10. Hgl was high but lower than yesterday. Gained a pound. Forgot to measure BP.

Lots of familiar streamers around TwitchCon.

Checked email and FB, then drove to the community center and dropped off the rent. No one at the front desk, but one of the maintenance guys was watching TV in the library.

Next stop, BB&B, did a Sodastream cartridge exchange and bought diet cola and diet ginger ale syrups. They had some nice bolsters on display but $50 for the brand name and $40 clearance. Will look online. Next, drove across the lot to PetSmart, they have a very affordable cat hotel and lots of vacancies next weekend in case I want to save Spook from the lookie lous.

Home for a pit stop. Saw Lou out on his driveway sweeping, raided the freezer for my two bags of rosemary for his wife, and brought that over. Lou had gone inside, but they invited me in and we talked for about an hour. The surprise is another neighbor had brought her some fresh rosemary which was in a vase in the kitchen. But Margie said she could always use more.

Home again, tuned into Twitch just in time for the wrap up of their cosplay contest. The costumes were phenomenal. Much much better than at the sci-fi Worldcons. And also better than most at costume con. Adam Savage MCed along with some very pretty woman (took a while to find her handle is AnnaProsser).

No lunch, but I was reminded I needed some salad stuff and more sourdough bread, so I went to GO hoping to also charge the car but the chargers were occupied and each had another car waiting. Bought a couple of things not on my usual list. Top Ramen, Salisbury steak frozen meal, black grapes.

Home again, put stuff away, watched more Twitch streamers. Caught the ends of the Stanford-Oregon State and Indiana-Mich State games. And the start of Hawaii-Nevada, which i see H won 47-3. UW-USC was not broadcast here, but Huskies won 28-14.

Dinner was in two parts. First I pulled out of the back of the freezer's bread rack two very old pieces of cinnamon raisin bread, and my last sourdough English muffin. Toasted and added margarine. Because I was hungry.

Streamed from 6-7, wanted to relay the SpaceX launch, but instead of a launch they were replaying Elon Musk's talk on the launch pad yesterday evening. I had a couple of chatters drop by, so it was good.

Second dinner was chopped liver with onion and HB egg on rye. Schmaltz too. Cola. Mochi for dessert.

Back to watching Twitch. Vegas_penguin was surrounded by streamers. And eye candy who wanted to pet and take selfies with his puppy. Checkers is actually an older dog, but pint sized and very cute.

Janice wants to get together Monday to chat and then pick up some plants.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for a massage appointment
Heat up the Salisbury steak meal for lunch

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