Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Found a winner, and missed visit

Oatmeal this morning, plus a banana. I have eggs but didn't eat one. Read an article on CBC which said they have a problem with a stream of people from all over the world entering Canada illegally at an unmarked border point. These are well-heeled people who fly to NY, hire one of several border shuttles to take them to this well known illegal entry point. And as soon as they cross into Canada a polite RCMP officer arrests them and brings them to a place where they can ask for asylum, though they clearly are not your usual refugees.

My experience has been that many of them get asylum, become Canadian citizens, and use that to get jobs in the USA.

Kept losing solitaire and tiles games.

Hungry Man Salisbury steak for lunch, no salad needed.  Watched the first quarter of the Raiders game, they were doing great. Watched a lot of Twitchcon, including the singing contest. Columbia records contract and $20k to the winner. None of them were very good.

Storm chasers were driving home. Boring.

Spent $20 of my gift card on bits to donate to streamers. Another $15 for a plush orca because I'm tired of the plush undersized calico-ish Japanese cat. And since it was national coffee day I spent  few $$ on a sampler case of k-cup coffee.

3-ish, after three tries calling the massage place in Saratoga and getting no answer, I drove to what I thought was the location of the gun store massage parlor. Somehow I thought it was south of me. Finally pulled into the old Best Buy parking lot to check the address, and discovered two fast chargers so I plugged in the car for half an hour. Entered the address of the massage place and it was 15 minutes north of me.

While I was plugged in realtor asked if another realtor could bring someone to view the house in 20-30 minutes. Good timing because I am not there.

Drove to the massage place, got an appointment right away, and the massage was all I expected it to be and more. The masseuse was a tad older than optimal, but she got all the right places.

Out to the car, realtor said the visitors couldn't get the door open. Hmmm. She thought it was because the door sticks, but they had not sent any details. My security cam did not record anyone going to that door. But it did show them getting out of the car in front of the house and going that direction before coming to the front door and ringing the bell, despite knowing no one was home. And then they drove away.

I tried the code on the carport door and it didn't work. Apparently something went wrong when I programmed the second code, it erased the first one. So I texted realtor and said no lock box, I just needed to reset the code.

Oh well.

My nails are looking like crap, but I need to wait for the one to heal before I can have them all redone.

Watched the rest of the Raiders game on FF, they squeaked out a win. Ditto New Orleans.

Streamed from 6:20 till 7. One chatter. Several lurkers. Blocked two of them.

Caught the end of vegas_penguin's final stream before he signed off. He was showing his booty. aka his swag from the con.

Spook came out of the closet by dinner time. She dove in when she heard people outside.

Took the carport cam inside to charge it, maybe that will help. Maybe I just need to switch brands. Will put that back in a minute and bring in the front door cam to charge it.

For dinner I dumped the last of the shrimp and a cut up piece of sausage, added oregano leaves and made mac & shrimp. Alfredo sauce. mozzarella shreds  and Parmesan. Pretty good, but would have been better with Velveeta.

Took out all the garbage/recycle bins. There was a lot more room in the containers bin than I remembered.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
1:30 meet J at Peet's and then she'll come to the house to get some plants
Maybe they will tow the houses away
bring in the bins
Watch MNF

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