Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Getting nervous-er

The usual morning routine, except Hgl was way high again.

Some interesting things in the news, not related to politics.

Got down to the last pair of tiles in the tile matching game, and the game put one on top of the other. No way to win. Also struck out on solitaire.

Spook has been acting spooked. Hiding in closets and such. She slept with me most of last night - she plopped down in the middle of the bed, I had to be careful to not roll over on her. But she bailed during my pit stop at 6, and moved to the floor of the guest room. I thought about buying her a cat bed, but she peed on the four which we used to have. That was before 2nd cats. And even after spraying the beds with "no-go".

Had not heard from the LV building inspector, he said he sent the forms but I'm betting he misspelled howeird in the address, so I gave him my gmail and that came through. So, minor cashectomy for a visual inspection. Nothing nearly as in depth as the termite inspection my realtor had done on my house. Scheduled for tomorrow.

1:30 off to Peet's. Plugged in the car and got half an hour of charge as I chatted with J. She seems to be kind of nervous lately, laughing at a lot of not funny stuff. She wants a new phone, I do not know why, and asked me about two which were being sold on Amazon marketplace. One looked stolen and the other looked old and under-powered. She doesn't want to pay for a legit new phone, which I understand, but she also doesn't know how to shop for something used. I should see what's on eBay or refurbed. Done. There's a company called BackMarket which has a decent collection of S7s.

She was supposed to follow me home but she floored it and beat me there. She took the bay laurel, the biggest of the Thai limes and the unknown stock which had hosted a Thai lime graft but is now sprouting some other kind of leaves. Maybe not even lime. I should have taken a picture. She also took two of the saucers to fit under, one complete with river rocks.

So I am left with a 4" Thai lime sapling, which is sprouting the right kind of leaves. I had cut off all the branches of the two smaller trees when the leaves became infected with some sticky stuff.

Took in the last bin. They had not gotten a lot of the plastic. I'll need to put heavy stuff under that for next week.

Turns out lunch was the pecan bun and OJ I'd had at Specialty's [Peets]. J had lunch there, a messy smelly tuna melt on pita which looked like cardboard. I've learned not to have sandwiches there.

The noise we made sent Spook to the closets, she didn't come out till 6 when I began streaming. Watched the end of MNF, and PTI.  Back to GO to get some fixings to put the two** turkey drumsticks which had defrosted in the fridge into the slow cooker with some Jack Daniels BBQ marinade. Picked up a packet of slow cooker smokey BBQ sauce to add to that. And I also had a small bottle of Kentucky BBQ sauce. The sauce packets all said to put the meat in first and pour the sauce on top, but I read that after I poured in the sauces.
**three turkey drumsticks [surprise surprise]
1 sliced sweet yellow bell pepper
1 sliced sweet orange bell pepper
2 small yellow onions quartered
A package of fresh basil leaves
About a cup each of frozen green beans, green peas and kernel corn
2 sliced carrots
1 package of mushrooms, quartered
About a cup or maybe 2 of water

Slow cooker set for 10 hours low heat.

Home from GO, the sports channel was interviewing Bruce Bochy, long time and Sunday retired SF Giants coach. Turned that on the Sonos speakers when I got inside, and when they wrapped up I went to YouTube and watched his full going-away speech. It was excellent. He covered all the bases, you might say.

Dinner time. Watched PTI. Salad and then the orphan Saffron Road lamb saag which I bought for lunch but it's too spicy for that early in the day. Perfect for 1 chocolate cake in a coffee cup.

Delivered in the morning was the plush orca  which was supposed to replace the plush cat as a bolster, but it is way too small. Spent a lot of time online not finding what I was looking for before finding a too good to be true offer of a 130cm tall plush purple bear for $15 with free shipping. It looks like a scam to get my credit card info, but Capitol One has excellent fraud detection, so we'll see.

Delivered when I returned from Peet's was a sampler pack of 40 coffee K-cups. I made three. The Green Mountain was okay but I had added milk & sweetener. Tully's was horrible - like acid. Cinnabun was good with whipped cream. I'm not much of a coffee drinker and this is not converting me. Good thing I have chocolate syrup handy. And milk, whipped cream and a lot of packets of Equal.

In other news, a search showed that Target is about the only local store which carries Famous Amos.

No activity across the street. No word from Realtor either.

Found my other set of keys. Not the originals, they are the set of copies I used to keep in the car. The set I keep in my pocket has one bent key  the one for the carport door. I'll go to Fry's and copy that one twice and the others once. I have some spare glasses cases I can put them in and keep in the glove compartment.

Sharps container is full. Set up the next one. Thursday will take the full one to Kaiser when I go for a flu shot.

Plans for tomorrow:
It may be time to light the pilot on the furnace and set the thermostat for heat&cool. It was chilly today. 51° here at midnight.
Pack each slow-cooked turkey leg in a freezer bag with the veggies. Keep one in the fridge for dinner, freeze the others
Maybe whip up another batch of curried chicken. Chopped up thigh pieces are in the fridge defrosted. Or I could make Tom Ka Gai.
Take down the kitchen hanging plants and dump them in the garden recycle bin, throw out the pots. Or maybe stack them on the rack outside.

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