Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

October Fools Day, Mobile Home & Groceries

Set my alarm for 8 instead of 7:30, did not wake up at 7:30 when the lights went on. Spook slept next to me all night, and didn't leave the bed till I was getting dressed.

She did spend significant time in the closets, though, during the day.

The house smelled like BBQ. I let the slow cooker cool down and then ported the three turkey legs into separate bags with some veggies. One went into the fridge, the others into the freezer.

Arlo alerted me that there was activity out front, and sure enough, tow trucks and a crew was getting ready to tow the house away. It was quite a show. They said the new house will be even more of a show because it is much bigger. I got a lot of video of the event. USPS messaged that a package was delivered, but they lied. Gave up on calling after being on hold for 40 minutes, but the tracking email gave a way to report a missing package, which only took half an hour and 7,000 clicks.

The package** magically appeared on the carport steps, no notice, no one rang the bell. That was about 2:30, three hours after they claimed it was delivered.

Spent a lot of the morning with the clippers, cutting out a lot of dead wood and gone to seed branches from the big purple sage. That thing has a strong smell when it's being cut. Almost filled the bin. Looking out the window, I see two more major branches which should go. Tomorrow. There are still plenty of flowers for the hummers & bees. Also have been seeing some small butterflies.

Watched the daily ride home, multitasked with the USPS forms, and also found a plush dolpin on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Lunch was late, salad (one more serving left) and a Hungry Man Salisbury steak lunch. Mochi. Decided to make tom kha gai with the chicken bits. But I was out of some ingredients.

Took my good set of keys to Fry's and made a pair of the carport keys (the one I carry with me is bent, so it was thrown away) and one each of the front door and shed keys.

Next stop, Chinese supermarket for lemongrass and mushrooms. They had ngaw on sale, I bought a package. Also got some cans of Thai tea, and also two dozen instant mix packets. Coconut milk and coconut water. Shrimp & chicken won tons, palm sugar, cilantro and limes.

They did not have low sodium chicken broth, so I stopped at GO on the way home and got some, plus salad greens.

Home after 6, streamed from 7:30-8:15. No chatters. Oh wait, one with stupid questions. Boilerplate icebreakers.  I hate that.

Dinner was a turkey leg with veggies, though the BBQ sauce ruined the peas & corn. Ngaw for dessert. Big fresh yummy! Usually it's old and dried out by the time it gets here.

Inspection report received. The house needs the water heater replaced - the one installed is not up to code. It also could use an electrician to install working ground fault outlets. And a plumber to fix the leaky kitchen trap & the dishwasher connection. The good news is the roof is good, and I can probably fix most of the other things myself.   

Lit the pilot light and set the nest for heat/cool. It was chilly this morning...

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish trimming the sage
Ranch 99 for oyster mushrooms and galangal, and Nob Hill for Scherffen-berger
Make tom ka gai
Watch the workers prep the lot across the street for the new house

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