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Spare Your Hair Day

They called for another Spare the Air day today, so I rode all 4 miles to work. Actually beat the train there, this time. Will take light rail home - it's usually not so crowded after 6. Rode out to the park for another picnic lunch, my legs were not happy about the additional work.

Pretty quiet at work, but I did find another bug in the new product. Cosmetic annoying thing, not a show-stopper, but sloppy housekeeping in the code.

Quiet day on LJ, too. skydancer is asking what the protocol is when you discover your child's LJ. I found my nephew's MySpace journal, but he had only set it up to document his trip to Ireland more than a year ago. I was amused by his beer tally - in the corner of each day's write-up, he counted up how many beers he'd had during the trip. There wasn't anything there he wouldn't have told me in person, but I suppose it's different for an uncle than for a father. We have conspired now and then...

A few LJ friends and acquaintances are dealing with depression and similarly emotion-whacking conditions. I'm conflicted about how to respond to this. I don't like the idea of mind-altering drugs, but I don't like the idea of good people feeling bad and out of control. And since I'm a very calm, level-headed person with an ego as big as all outdoors and a strong sense of self, it's difficult for me to empathize with roller coaster emotions, or identity crises in others. But I'm glad we have a place to share feelings, and people who will step up and support us, advise us and criticize us.

Time to head home.

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