Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Soup's on, so is the open house

Another late day, 11 am this time, AG phoned at 10. Realtor emailed that she wanted a photographer to take pictures in the house for her to set the stage for the open house, and I initially agreed, but it meant another week's delay, so I nixed it and we set Saturday at 2-4 pm. And possibly the following weekend 1-4.

Stuff I got done:
Mountain View clinic, got my flu shot but forgot to bring the sharps. And they didn't have any in the pharmacy
Neither did CVS
Ordered a sharps box from Amazon
Watched the daily drive home
Clipped a lot more of the gone to seed and deadwood from the giant sage.
Tossed all the kitchen hanging plants into recycle and stacked the pots outside
Swept the leaves from the kitchen floor
Pulled out the kitchen table and swiffered behind it
Talked to LV manager, we agreed on what to ask the owner to look into re: the inspection report
Cleared all the books from the front of the piano so people can see the ornate-ness

Old photo - the bench isn't taped anymore, and there are different items on the top. And no shoes.

No breakfast or lunch. Kind bars and chocolate chip cookies.

By mistake stopped the football game from recording. Watched the 4th quarter, aka the Seahawks trying their best to lose. A missed field goal at the end is how they won by 1 point. It was like watching SF Giants baseball.

Tom Ka Gai for dinner. Started (as usual) by picking the inedible bits out. Lemongrass, Thai lime leaves & galangal.

It tasted perfect. Just the right amount of everything.

Most of the dishes and cans are in the dishwasher. Much to recycle.

Last night I unpacked the plush dolphin bolster. Put it on the bed, Spook stared at it for a minute then curled up next to it on the other side  from me. She stayed most of the night. I may have pushed her off when I rolled over. Oops.

Plans for tomorrow:
Laundry - shirts and then kitchen curtains & towel (which need bleach)
Move the cart with the sewing machine to the shed. Or a closet.
Target - more baskets & drawers to hide stuff in
Clean the kitchen window sills
Put as much more stuff out of sight as possible

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