Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Whew - whirlwind day in slo-mo

I'm not moving very quickly these days. Went to bed at about midnight, Spook curled up on the other side of the dolphin's tail and stayed there, which was a problem because she also held down the covers. I finally got under the covers after about an hour, but sciatica pain and anxiety about prep for Saturday's open house made it tough to get to sleep. At about 4 am, I was feeling wrong™, so I got up, took a leak, took 2 Tylenol migraine, put on a bathrobe and went to the kitchen to measure my Hgl. 95. And dropping. Klondike bar helped. Fired up the PC but no one was online. May have played or tried to play games. Spook followed me and yelled at me but when I went back to bed she did not join me.

7-ish, I told Google to nix the 7:30 alarm. Slept till almost 9. 11 am Hgl was 135, still kind of low, considering.

The usual breakfast, but at 11:30. Not much interesting news online. Too many of my friends don't understand that the President is granted by the Constitution the power to negotiate with foreign nations, and can make deals as he sees fit, as log as he doesn't declare war. Just because he makes bad decisions (aka decisions you don't like) doesn't make him a traitor. IMHO the fake posts from Russia had no effect on the election because people don't cange their minds, they simply look for items which bolster their already made decisions.

Tuned into the daily drive home, and started to watch metal detector guy but my to-do list for today got me out of my chair.

- Did a load of shirts
- emptied the dishwasher
- took down the front window curtains and laundered them
- Cleaned the kitchen window sills and the wall below the center window
- pulled out the kitchen table and swiffered behind it
- put the sewing machine in the office closet, found places for the rest of the items on that rack, and carried the rack out to the side patio.
- Vacuumed where the rack had been
- Moved one of the cat scratching posts with the balls on a string into the guest room & vacuumed the small rug it had sat one (needed to stay there because it  hid the surround sound wire).

Calculated in my head what I needed in the way of containers for the stuff on the kitchen counters. Drove to Target, found exactly what I was looking for for cheap - boxes with lids. Small one for $1 medium ones for $3. Also bought two boxes of Famous Amos cookies and a new Swiffer wet jet because the one I have been using keeps falling apart. New one has an improved keyed connection, no dangling wire.

There was some significant eye candy ranging from a petite Indian woman to a tall Scandinavian with legs for days.

Construction around the new Whole Foods seems to have stalled, and they have un-blocked the access to Target's garage.

Home, feeling weak. Hgl 73, BP was okay though. One Klondike and then about a dozen Famous Amos. Watched PTI and Ex on the Beach. Two losers were voted off the beach, one had been the other's ex and had only been there a week. Both of them are bullies.

Streamed for an hour, had two people show up to chat at different times, and a barrage of follows, several looked like trolls.

One storm chaser is on his way to what he thinks will be a tornado tomorrow.

Put most of the kitchen far right counter stuff in a container and parked it in the office closet. The other went to the guest room closet I think.

Collected all the garbage, there was one more bag than the bin has room for so it's in the shed till Monday. All the recycles are in the bin, the buckets I usually put them in in the kitchen are on the side of the carport, they need hosing down, eventually.

Took the curtains out of the dryer and hung them back on the kitchen windows. I'd already hung up the shirts which were the previous dryer load.
Moved the big water fountain and the food tower back against the wall under the kitchen windows.

Watered the carport garden. It needed it badly.

Put the last three flyers in the for sale box, it was out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed on time
Monthly birthday party at the community center
Leave front & side door keys for realtor, just in case.
Hide out at the mercado. Probably have lunch at the new Malaysian place.
Keep an eye on the house by webcam

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