Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Birthday Party, Open House

Out of bed by 8, the usual breakfast & morning drill. 10 am at the clubhouse for the monthly party - Oktoberfest theme did not thrill me. Pumpkin pie was good. They remembered the whipped cream. Nobody with birthdays/anniversaries showed up, just the regulars.

Back home for a pit stop. Sharps container delivered. In the mail was my car registration renewal notice - I will probably ignore it, since the tags are good through December, I'd better be in NV by then.

1:30 drove to the Mercado, had lunch at the Malaya restaurant. Excellent service but lousy, expensive food. Very limited menu, and the only thing they got right was the lemongrass tea.

Kept track of the open house via the security cameras. Turns out that when I watch them live, they do not record. I saw the realtor pull up at 2:05, and aimed the indoor cameras for people instead of cats. There was a lot of traffic the first hour, then crickets. Reviewing the recordings, my asshole nextdoor neighbors came through. Realtor emailed that most of the visitors were neighbors. I think we may need to do this again next week, with more advanced notice. She dropped by a new stack of flyers, and put a lock box on the front door with the key. We misse at least two visitors because they couldn't deal with the keypad lock.

Starbucks was a mess - they renovate, took out half the seating and got rid of the bakery display case. I waited for 5 minutes to order and 15 minutes to pick up my drink. No seats inside, and lots of hot sun outside. They need more and better placed umbrellas.

4 on the dot, realtor left, 15 minutes later I was home. Spook came out of the closet pretty soon after. She finally figured out that the white basket is full of her toys. Or maybe she was seeing the brushes in there.

I un-hid my diabetes stuff in time for dinner. The letters on my pill boxes are worn off so I ordered a new set.

Dinner was a FAIL. I tried to add ramen to the tom kha, and made the mistake of also adding he very salty ramen powder. Diluted it enough to eat the ramen but the soup was a loss. This was leftover from last night's dinner so not so bad. I need to defrost another container.

Watched OSU beat UCLA. That was surprising and fun. OSU has a very good QB. Luten. Stanford was beating UW when I checked, I'll watch if the Huskies win. It's on Tivo. I don't think I have anything else recorded.

Raiders will be  there tomorrow at 10 am from London.

My last ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am Toastmasters humorous speech competition
4 pm Janice in MV, Safeway after (ice cream sandwiches and maybe real ice cream)

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