Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Feeling Bad

No news on the open house and today the LV sales manager asked me to release the house I'd put the deposit on - the owner wants to move back in. I said yes, but bummer. It's a mater of time, but also money - I can't afford to stay here but until I sell my house I can't afford to leave. I'm locked into my realtor contract till next February. I definitely can't afford for it to take that long.

One thing I need to do is stop spending $$ as much as possible.
Clipped my nails, only one of them broke the acrylic off, and only halfway. It's clear the last months of fills were done the lazy way, the plastic is way too thick. I'll have to let them keep growing out. The good news is the nail which lost all its acrylic last week is looking strong enough to survive without the plastic coating. That's $30 every two weeks saved.

The call from LV came as I was chatting at Starbucks with J. She's off to Sedona for a week on Sunday. She doesn't have anyone to go to PV with her in January - she goes every year. I went once, liked it, but she stays in old town which is no fun at all. If I'm not in LV by then things will be very grim.

Started the morning after breakfast with the short drive to SVale Toastmasters, they were hosting the regional Table Topics and Humorous Story competitions. The MC said he had never seen such a large crowd in there, but it was the same size as last year's regionals. I'm guessing the weekly meetings have dropped off in attendance. It would not surprise me, the couple of times I have gone I have not been impressed by the setup or the quality of the leadership.

There was one outstanding Table Topics speaker and nobody made me LOL in the humor competition. The guy who won spoke well, but his subject was painful, not very funny to me. I liked 3rd place better - she explained how to shop at Ikea.

I may look into clubs in Las Vegas when I get there. I expect there would be more talent and fewer boring Indian engineers.

There was some serious eye candy in the audience, from other clubs.

Safeway after J, salad toppings and pumpkin pie makings.

Streamed 7-8, one chatter, one follower.

Home, reheated a BBQ turkey leg & veggies, added a slice of bread. Dessert was a bowl of grapes, strawberries and sliced banana with whipped cream & chocolate sauce.

Last night I was surprised when I reached over the dolpin to feel Spook there. I had not felt or heard her jump onto the bed. As usual she left when I got up for my 4 am pit stop.

Watched an episode and a half of Gold Rush. Saw a claim bought out from under Our Heroes, who forgot to pay their lease.
Saw the Raiders try real hard to lose, but they were unable to give the game away in the end. Saw the Chiefs succeed where the Raiders had failed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make a pumpkin pie (?) if there is room in the fridge for it
Lots of Tivo

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