Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Spook's Annual, and my nails

The usual morning routine but I slept in on purpose. Hgl was low-normal. 240 yesterday 106 today at 10 am after pretty much the same meals, but a lot more exercise yesterday than Sunday. That probably had something to do with it.

Very active morning started with email from Realtor saying there was only one Open House visitor who was not a neighbor. She suggested I call the power wash guy (she was supposed to have done that a month ago) so I did, and we have that scheduled for Friday. I also said okay to a photographer, who is expected tomorrow at noon.

She will get back to me by Thursday regarding a Saturday open house.

Made that pumpkin pie, but the mix was twice a much as would fit in the pie shell, until I accidentally dropped the mixing bowl into the shell as I was pouring, so that solved that issue. Splat. It took an extra 10 minutes to bake, and I'm not sure it got done. Will try it for a snack later.

Soaked the finger tips on my left hand in acetone based nail polish remover, was able to pull off three more acrylic nail covers. Thumb needs more soaking. Also need more solvent & a glass bowl.

Lunch was a couple of corn dogs & a pickle, chocolate cake for dessert.

Watched the drive home on Twitch, and while there saw Spook on my webcam app go take a nap with her dolphin on the bed. So 3 pm, I was able to scoop her up and put her in the carrier in the livingroom with minimal fuss, though she did her best to claw her way through the mesh. I used the collapsible carrier, not the aircraft rated one.

She cried all the way to the vet but was quiet while there and mostly hid under the bench until it was time to be examined. She got a routine checkup and a rabies shot, she's up to date on everything else. Also got a health certificate (cost $75!) good for 30 days, but I may need to have that done again because the airlines want it to be within 10 days of the flight.

Home, I watched Below Deck, they are in Pangnga Bay, Thailand, my vote for most beautiful place on Earth. I have spent a lot of time there. The show is a bit ragged, to be expected for a season opener where they are introducing everyone. Once again they have a red-headed woman on deck crew, but unlike the last one, she is wiry and has startlingly blue eyes. And no chip on her shoulder. Two deck and one interior crew are from Africa. Two of them are very white. The chef got Montezuma's Revenge after he made a very spicy Thai dish for the guests. Not coincidence, though he doesn't get it. Apparently he had worked in a Thai restaurant once upon a time, but he is seriously Farang.

Spook avoided me for about 15 minutes, but she's back to normal now. Curled up on the livingroom floor between her toys basket and the window sill platform. I hope she joins me in bed tonight.

Dinner while watching PTI and channel surfing was the last of last night's tom kha, followed by a packet of rice with margarine - the way we ate it on Long Island - and mochi for dessert.

Looked online, and it seems Alaska airlines has a pet cargo service which looks like it would only cost $180 SJC-LAS. I need to call to confirm. The catch is all their passenger flights are 1-stop in LAX with long layovers, so I may need to work out logistics with them. Or fly nonstop on another airline.

Plans for tomorrow:
After breakfast - Clear off the bathroom and kitchen counters for photography
Be elsewhere by noon for photographer
Buy some more acetone & a glass dish to soak my fingers in
Try to remove the rest of the acrylic

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