Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nail Polish Trail

Spook woke me up a little before 7:30 when she jumped on top of the stuffed dolphin and started kneading it. Looking at the bill from her vet appointment, they did not trim her nails. I should probably do that. I think what triggered this was the power wash guy was here, checking to see what work he needs to do tomorrow. Security cams caught glimpses of him walking around the house. Which reminded me just now to boost the sensitivity on the cameras.

First stop was New Wing Yuen market for extra garbage tags, coconut water and any rambutan they might have. They did not have my favorite coconut water, just ones with pulp, and no rambutan. So I left only spending $18 on three tags. I forgot to look to see if they had nail polish, but I don't think they do.

On the Grocery Outlet, bananas, salad greens and whipped cream, plus mochi & toll house frozen ice cream sandwiches. The only nail polish they had was glittered.

Home, pit stop, then to Lucky's, where they had all the nail polish I needed, and a buffering pad. Also got herring and sugar free caramels.

Home again, and stayed there. Buffed my nails, and applied a base strengthener coat, a clear coat and a fast-drying top coat. They still look a bit worse for wear, but mostly human.

Salad and herring for lunch. Ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Was falling asleep watching streams on Twitch, so I made some K-cup coffee. Kahlua was good.  Donut shop was okay.

Watched PTI and once again nuked Gold Rush because it was pre-season BS.

Streamed for an hour, only one chatter, for only a minute.

Brought the laptop inside, the new battery made no difference, it was down to 1/3 just sitting in the car for three weeks. I charged it and did several overdue updates.

Watched the football game, time delayed on Tivo. Second half only. Giants fell apart.

One more container of tom kha gai, more than half was inedible stuff I had to pluck out: Thai lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass, chili peppers. Tasted great, though. Pumpkin pie for dessert.

Spook spent a lot of my time away in the bedroom closet, she opened two of the three doors. While I was watching TV she was curled up and catatonic on the livingroom floor against the wall, between the basket of toys and the window platform. I'm tempted to buy her a bed, but the last  4 times she peed in them. That was well before there were other cats here.

Power wash guy called, we settled on a price, and he'll be here at 8 am. I moved my car to one of the slots down the block so I won't have to get up early to do that. Closed the two open windows as well. And printed his check.

Nothing left on Tivo to watch.

Realtor emailed, she has scheduled a showing tomorrow at 4, and the open house is confirmed for Saturday 1:30-4. Yay!

Trulia notified me that one of the houses at Tropicana has dropped the price to below $45000. Wow. And there's another one on sale for <$70 k

Can't afford that till my mortgage is paid off and I'm not paying rent any more here.

Once again forgot to call Alaska about flying the cat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up and dressed by 8 just in case
After the all-clear, retrieve the car
Check the info on the cat carrier in the shed & call Alaska
The usual Twitch streams
Clear the sink & counters and be elsewhere before 4. Maybe get a haircut?


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