Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sleepless night, Power Wash and visit FAIL

Spook curled up on the bed near my head, so you would think it would be a restful night, but I kept waking up every hour or so. I had set the alarm for half an hour early so I would be awake and dressed by 8 am when Mike of Power Shine was due to wash the house.

As usual, Spook jumped off the bed when I got up around 4:30.

I was up at 7, dressed by 7:30 and at the computer when Mike passed by the office window at about 7:45. Nice guy, he remembered doing power washes for a few others here, including Mary, who was 101 years old when I moved next door.

It took about 2 hours for him to do the whole job, which included the house, the driveway, the patio on the north side, and enough of the carport gutter to pass muster. It could use more, but he wasn't keen on doing the work and I wasn't thrilled with what it would cost.

AG called while that was happening. He offered to have his wife give me a free haircut, but her salon is in Redwood City, too far for me.

When I paid Mike, Lee came over to add her opinions, I had to shoo her away. New neighbors walked by also, I introduced them and Mike gave them his card. In this neighborhood houses need new paint or a wash every couple of years.

He did okay, but frankly I did not see much of a difference what with the house being a bright blue with white trim to begin with. The biggest difference was the outdoor carpeting and steps. The patio looked a lot better after it dried.

Lunch was a turkey steamer bowl which I won't be buying again. Sweet potatoes. I thought they were carrots. DH single serve coffee cake for dessert. drank through three more coffee k-cups.

Watched a storm chaser on a shakedown drive through Cincinnati. What a dull town. But the crowd was familiar, and entertaining. Then Gary's drive home from work in Chicago to Kankakee.

I bailed at 3 so I would have time to clear the countertops and be gone by 3:45 for realtor's bringing in a potential buyer at 4. Vacuumed the livingroom rug which needed it. First stop was the recycle center, where I dropped off a full container of sharps. Then to Baylands Park, sat on the grass under the trees, watched the mini drone races. It was more of a scramble than a race.

Watched the security cams on my phone. Visitor was on time, realtor was a few minutes late. Switching to the indoor cams, they were in the livingroom chatting instead of touring, so I turned on the audio, and listened to her tell him that this is a 55+ community, which means his daughter cannot co-sign his loan. The house has to be in the name completely of over-55 residents. She suggested the family mobile home parks down the street. And that was that, she was done in 10 minutes. I'm a bit miffed, because she should have had this discussion with him over the phone, without inconveniencing me. No, I won't tell her I was listening in. I doubt she will tell me what happened either.

Open house tomorrow 1:30-4. I'm fine with that inconvenience, I think. A better chance at finding a buyer. Not sure how I'll spend the time though. Click for photos - click the right arrow > to scroll through the collection

Watched PTI, streamed from 6-7, lots of followers. No chatters. Two people made clips, which I erased. And banned them.

Watched Ex on the Beach.  There are two men who look so much alike I cannot tell them apart. Both huge hunks and both involved in three-ways. One with two women and one with a man and a woman.

Also watched 49ers and Raiders wrap-up shows on one of the minor sports channels. Made sure Sunday's 9ers game is set to record.

Plans for tomorrow:
Clear the countertops & sink
Kitchen garbage to the outdoor bin
Late lunch - maybe at the Thai place near the car wash.
Check on the webcams from time to time.

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