Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Claws trimmed, open house, Thai lunch, chopped liver dinner

The pattern repeats, mostly. Got into bed, Spook joined me, looked around, made a rude noise because the dolphin was missing. She curled up near the head of the bed anyway. Dolphin was in the closet because I took it off the bed for yesterday's visitor and figured I'd leave it there for the open house.

4-ish, Spook left for other climes.

More sleep than the night before. No "wake up early for the power wash" anxiety.

Out of bed by 9, Hgl was way high, maybe because of the fried chicken dinner. Or it could have been the root beer float.

The usual breakfast. After FB and some Twitch streams, watched some college football. Saw a couple of upsets.

1 pm, headed for the Old Siam restaurant, a hole in the wall in a strip mall, I think it was Thai Spoons years ago. I'd gone there a few weeks ago when I needed to kill half an hour before a massage appointment, and was impressed that the menu was all in Thai with names transliterated pretty accurately. The staff spoke Thai. It needed a return visit. Ordered fried fish, oops I meant fried vegetables for an appetizer. BBQ pork, and white rice. Khow Khao. She offered brown or sticky as well.

Good food, but enough for two, and the bill was enough for two as well. I took home half the pork & rice. The friend veggies were mostly alleged vegetables. Thai iced tea was good, would have been better with a straw.

Decor is very old Siam. Lots of old photos and artifacts on the walls, no sign of the current King, but also I did not see the late great Rama 9 either. Very odd.

The food took a while to reach the table, but I was taking my time, checking the phone - all the webcams - to see what the open house was like. One pair of friends whom I had expected to show up last week, and I think three other sets of people. All the latter were Asian. Probably still are.

Realtor started out by moving my surround speaker off the stool by the front door and parking herself there. Later she went out onto the porch to wait.

She arrived 15 minutes late, but closed up at 4 exactly. I don't think she missed any visitors. Earlier in the day I had to re-stock the flyers out front.

I have not heard from her, so probably no bites. Maybe we'll have more activity now that the open house ad is up and there are photos.

From lunch I went to Target because I needed to use the restrooms. Also bought a bottle of nail hardener. And sat in the Starbucks area with a view of the up escalator and admired the eye candy. There was a lot. One young woman especially, in a tight red top which I think was a leotard, under form fitting jeans. Pretty face, nice hair, maybe a model.

Home, rescued most of the stuff I had to hide for the open house. Spook came out while I was on the PC watching storm chasers, and she clawed my chair and my side. I picked her up, sat us in the recliner, and trimmed her nails. She didn't fight it at all. But she was gone like a shot when I left her go.

In other cat-related news, I took a look at the carrier in the shed, it's 23", rated for 25 lbs. 23" L x 15.25" W x 13" H by a company called N2N. Monday I'll call Alaska Air Cargo and ask if that will work, and how much $$ and logistics.

Streamed from 6-7, one chatter joined halfway through, claimed I looked like the late Billy Mays. I don't think so.

Dinner was the last of the chopped liver with schmaltz, onion, HB egg on Jewish Rye. And a pickle. Pumpkin pie for dessert. One more piece left.

Noticed today that my toe nails are back to normal.

Plans for tomorrow:
No idea
J is traveling for the rest of the month
Read (Amazon Prime gifted me a trilogy by one of my favorite authors, Alan Dean Foster). The first chapter is a bit like Qouzl.
Play piano?
Watch football

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