Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Football, snoozes and lastminutery

Spook grabbed the spot at the head of the bed again, but I kept waking up. As usual she bailed at 4 am. I was up and showered by 8. Hgl was a wee bit lower but still too high. BP was low. Weight was slightly down.

FB and the news and solitaire and tiles, then watched football on the TV. Made two cups of coffee, had lunch. No one was streaming. Watched more football and fell asleep in the recliner a couple of times. Made a root beer & coke float.

Chatted with a neighbor outside.

Put another coat of hardener on my nails and trimmed the loose bits. Thought about getting a haircut and charging the car, but Sunday is not a good day for that. Being retired means Mondays are good for daytime stuff.

Stripped the bed, put the linens and quilt and bathroom towels in the washer.

Watching the 49ers game on Tivo, very sloppy first quarter, they were playing in LA so I was not too hopeful.

3:45, text from realtor, can one of the colleagues show my house at 4? Sorry for the late notice, but realtor was in SF watching Hamilton, her phone was off.

Okay. Took me almost 10 minutes to throw a spare comforter on the bed, hide the meds and the denture stuff and get gone.  On my way out of the park I saw an open house sign with the colleague's name on it, showing #120. Smaller 2br 2ba house, much less expensive.

Drove to GO, luckily the charger was available so I plugged in, and watched the cameras for the visitors. Attractive Vietnamese woman realtor, she did a good job of explaining to the clients, who have not lived in a manufactured home before. They took the full tour inside and out. 55+ Asian couple. They were still at it in half an hour, so I set the car up for another charge session. They hung around in the street chatting for another 15 minutes.

After an hour the coast was clear, I unplugged and went home, as a Chevy Bolt plugged in where I had been. A Tesla tried to back in earlier, but they can't use these chargers.

Home, FFed through the rest of the 9ers game. The score said they won by a wide margin, but the actual play was much closer. 5-0, though. I'll take it.

Also FFed through Sunday Night Football, Steelers and the other LA team. I hate those commentators, they have grating voices and they never shut up, and rarely have anything to say that I need to hear.

Macaroni and cheese with turkey frank slices was good, but the clams were too chewy. Good thing I didn't add many. Chocolate cake for dessert - I finished the pumpkin pie at lunch.

Earlier I checked the Alaska Airlines page, and they do offer pets in cargo on the same flight, $100. Have to talk to reservations about availability.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Call Alaska reservations
Follow up on the big blue bear fraud

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