Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dog Day Afternoon

Out IT guy's dog has been under his desk at work for the past couple of weeks. "Shel" is an elderly black lab mix we are told is dying of cancer. Over the past two years Shel has made an appearance from time to time, and like most fat old labs has always been lethargic, but it's very marked now, she has trouble breathing and eating, and is not long for this world. Which is why IT guy is bringing her in every day - not for the care but to be near her.

Almost everyone in the place comes by to pet Shel, but our finance minion has become very attached, visiting several times a day, volunteering to take Shel for walks, etc. Finance minion is in her mid-20's chronologically, but at heart is a teenage Santa Cruz surfer chick. Today she broke down in tears, it has finally sunk in that the sweet old dog is dying. And  it's not fair, or right or any of those things the world should be, but isn't.

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