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Haircut, Windshield wipers, delayed lunch, obnoxious troller

When I checked the Great Clips app as I was getting in my car there was no wait. By the time I got there (7 minutes or so) every chair was taken and the wait was 15 minutes. Part of that is Tuesday is seniors and students discount day. Got my usual haircut from someone who had never done mine before. She tried to charge me full price. As if I don't look like a senior. White hair should have been the tip-off. Almost no hair should have too.

Was going to drive home but needed to use the restroom (damn diuretics) so walked nextdoor to Safeway's Starbucks which has one real close to the front. Now not needing to go anywhere quickly, I walked to the end of the strip mall to Pep Boys and bought a set of windshield wipers for the Leaf. The front driver's side one was shot.

$50 for the three plus fluid. And those were the medium cost ones.

Home, was unable to figure out how to remove the rear one, so I set that aside. And it took a while to figure out the front ones, but they were easy once I found the catch button.

Went inside, fired up the PC, found a few not-at-all-helpful videos and then one which showed the process - "force it" was the answer.

Checked the streamers, and the daily ride was about to start an hour early. And then it didn't.

Back outside, forced it, and it came right off, and the replacement snapped right on.

Inside again, the ride home was longer than usual because the night before his house guest had hit and run killed a pedestrian, and he needed to post eviction paperwork on the doors. Short story long, this was an acquaintance of his son's who had been given permission to stay in the house but had overstayed her welcome and was asked to leave last month. He and his wife and pets live in a RV in a nearby campground all summer, so the guest was sort of a house sitter, I guess.

Anyway, what is usually a 1-hour drive ran 2 hours.

There was an earthquake while I was out on the driveway, 4.7, but I didn't feel it at all. It was the same place as the 1989 big one. That one was October 17. Very weird coincidence. There were two others unrelated up NE of here which I also didn't feel.

Just heard that annoying tone again. It's a modern sounding series of 3 notes, coming from somewhere in the kitchen, but I have not been able to find the source. Last week I put the door bell master unit in the livingroom, the tone came from the kitchen again. Yesterday I took the batteries out of the spare BP meter and I can't find anything else which might be capable of making that tone. The only appliance I think can make that kind of tone is the new dishwasher, but I've been standing next to it when the tone sounded from somewhere else. It's a very modern tone, and it kind of drives me batty to not know what it is from.
Lunch was PNB&J, and I think grapes and maybe cake for dessert.

Spent some time online trying the online marbles game on my stream and registering it with the companion program Discord. And that proved to be a mistake because my juvenile troller came back, posted a grainy screen capture on Discord of me naked from my web cam from months ago and started making annoying comments on my stream.


I shut down my Discord account. Shouldn't have revived it in the first place, and banned the troller's latest login from my stream. But I'm done with streaming on Twitch. I don't need the aggravation and I wasn't getting any traffic on there anyway.

Dug deep into my freezers and had a bagel with turkey sausage slices and mozzarella for dinner, coffee cake with chocolate icing for dessert.

Watched PTI, Below Deck and a NatGeo special on a mysteriously dismantled pyramid in Egypt related to but away from Giza. Below Deck is off to a slow start, the chef saw issues with the food delivery service and made some changes which would fix that, but chief bitch is all in a twist because she thinks that's her job. Wrong - you didn't do your job, and it makes the chef, not you, look bad. So it's his to fix.

I see the Nats are off to the World Series. My nephew was at the game.

Spook did her usual routine last night, slept at the head of the bed till 4 am, then disappeared. The past two days she has discovered that the white basket has all her toys in it, and she has been dumpster diving. Got her triceratops out first, then her velvet ball and then the yellow soccer patterned golf-sized ball.

I don't believe in an afterlife, and pooh=pooh people who do. But somehow I find it very romantic when a song or a play is about one's True Love™ coming through from The Other Side. Two of them have been popping up a lot lately.

With You from Ghost, The Musical
Rachel nails it on Britain's Got Talent

Sian owns it on a second try

Olivia Henley in King's Academy stage production - amazing prodigy

There You Are Again, by Livingston Taylor (James Taylor's possibly more talented and definitely more eccentric younger brother)

Plans for tomorrow:
Minor rose bush clipping
Youngest sister says she will call. Apparently this weekend is the family reunion I can't afford to go to with her in Baltimore.
More piano playing (did a little today. Trying to learn that not-James Taylor There You Are Again)

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