Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Humpless in Sunnyvale

No Spook in bed last night or this morning. I had the dolphin to myself. It's too big, I should probably take some stuffing out. Nah, it will compress over time if I continue to use it.

Up at 6, pit stop, weighed myself - lost a pound. Back to bed, woke up with the 7:30 alarm and lights-on, but turned them off and slept till almost 10.

Hgl was the same 218 as it was before dinner last night. 

By the time I had breakfast it was brunch. Almost. Sliced up the rest of the turkey sausage, and finished the few herring fillets left in the jar.  That and salad was lunch. Coffee cake for one? I think so.

First chore was to put on my best work gloves and gardening hat, grab the clippers and cut back the rose branches which were poking out into the pathway and the street. Also snipped some of Lee's vines which had grabbed onto the roses. Carried a small pile to the recycle bin. Clipped a bunch of sage branches which had gone to seed since the last trimming, especially culling the ones which were poking into #6's property.

Watched a new Gold Rush episode, they are following three mines. Way too much heavy equipment transportation, not enough mining.

PTI as usual. Channel surfed. College football is not nearly as violent at the Maury show.

Somewhere in there I snacked on mint chip ice cream, did two loads of laundry and one dishwasher load. The big kitchen project for the evening was heating up two 1.7 liter teapots of water (one at a time) and making a gallon of Thai tea with 12 DeDe packets.  200 ml water per packet, it says. Let it cool for an hour, there was too much to put the lid on the container so I siphoned some off into a tumbler, and put both in the fridge.

Chatted with youngest sister for more than an hour.

Gave realtor permission for her colleague to show the house Friday at 2 pm. Realtor said she would send me info on getting the repairs done (she was supposed to do that more than a month ago) but she didn't. Typical.

I watched the daily drive home but didn't join the chat because that troller is out there. I blocked three of his logins. Changed my page to a subscribers-only Thai language site. I'm done. Twitch is a FAIL as far as I'm concerned. Killed my Discord server too. Got an anonymous email account and sent a message to each of my suspect's two email addresses. nothing threatening, just him getting untraceable email should be enough to flush him out if I am right that it is him.

Hungry Man Salisbury Steak dinner and mochi. After salad, of course.

Plans for tomorrow:
Chat with middle sister
Thursday Night Football
Whatever is on Tivo
Unload the dishwasher
Maybe go to GO for salad stuff and hang out at Peet's

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