Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

30th Anniversary

I'll copy what I posted in FB:

October 17, 1989 5:04 pm Pacific Time, I was finishing up my work day at the new Hewlett-Packard Response Center on Central Expressway at San Antonio Road. I was a tech support engineer with a focus on HP Unix machines and peripherals, at a modular desk with an L of overhead bins holding the entire HPUX library of thick, heavy books.

When the building started shaking I got under the desk, and most of the books in most of the cubicles fell out of the bins onto the desks and onto the floor. The shaking distributed them down the aisles.

My first thought was the windows. The Response Center had been completed only a few months before, we were told it was built to the highest earthquake standards, and one of those features was the 15-foot-tall floor to ceiling windows were designed to fall outward and not harm anyone inside. What they had forgotten is the windows on the Central Expressway side were over the 2nd floor parking space, and the boss' Ferrari convertible was in the handicapped space against that wall. (He was confined to a wheel chair and his very expensive car was modified for leg-less operation.)

All the power went out, but it was still light outside. We heard the two emergency generators as they tried and failed to fire up. This was a major surprise because they had just been tested a week before.

The windows stayed in their frames, nobody was hurt, and we cleared the aisles of books and headed for our cars. All the traffic lights were out, and my 4-mile drive home took 2 hours.

Most of us came back the next day to put books and equipment back in place, but the earthquake-proof server room in the basement had flooded when a pipe in the earthquake-proof underground garage was broken when an earthquake-proof concrete column snapped.

In other news, the World Series game between the Giants and A's was canceled.

Other than that, and Stanford getting its ass kicked by UCLA and Denver experiencing the same vs. KC, nothing much happened today. Realtor didn't get me the repairs info she promised 2 days ago. Or any other news, for that matter.

The wind picked up, the clouds came in, but so far no rain.

Ride home started early again but not by much, and ran later than usual. Watched a little of the webcam on the beach in Koh Samui and the Vegas guy for a few minutes till he had to go to work.

Tivo time - Nova show about why bridges fall down. AKA a commercial for spending more $$ on our roads.

Talked to middle sister for about an hour.  

Quick trip to GO for salad greens, sliced black olives, a smoked turkey leg, bologna and cherry tomatoes.

Put the delay back on my Twitch stream, so when troller came he couldn't enter the chat. I've also set the stream to not alert anyone except me when someone follows. And added more "bad words" to the ban list, and set up so any of those words will get removed from troller's handle.

Meanwhile, I got some replies from the email sent to my suspect, claiming they were from his mom and dad, and the emails are scaring their little boy. Wrong name for mom and his dad died a couple of years ago. So he has invented bogus email accounts for this game too. I know his mom's email address, it's not her. His email is a variation on his mom's, so I know I sent my messages to the right person.

There were no threats from me, an innocent person would simply send a "who is this, what are you talking about?" reply.

I'm looking forward to "mom's" and "dad's" replies. I just told them they amused me.

Food: the oatmeal & banana breakfast, salad and roti lunch, slices of smoked turkey & mixed veggies dinner, chocolate cake. Have made a dent in the gallon of Thai tea in the fridge.

Streamed for an hour, two chatters. Started by telling about my favorite Thai dishes - in Thai. My topic was written in Thai and my cover photo was the Bangkok planetarium. Switched to English when my first chatter chimed in.

Masked Singer on Tivo, the loser this week turned out to be Paul Shaffer, David Letterman's band leader. Quite a surprise how well he sang - but I see he started out as a singer. Blame Canada. I think the woman in the flamingo costume is Dolly Parton or Reba McEntire. Definitely a veteran country singer, pronounced southern accent. It's going to be a while before she gets eliminated.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe work on Karaoke songs - With You and Livingston Taylor's There You Are Again. Middle sis says she & hubby recently attended a Livingston Taylor concert and they enjoyed it a ton. Partly because of this comic gem:


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