Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Eye candy explosion

Skipping the uneventful morning. 2 pm appointment for realtor #2 to show the house, so 1:30 headed to Baylands Park, expecting to  have the place pretty much to myself and some drones. It was chilly and windy but clear. I had to wait for a cluster of runners to pass by before I could cross the path into the picnic area. Too windy & cold to set up my camp chair on the hill, so I sat in one of the wooden benches at ground level. Read from my tablet, and checked my phone's camera apps.

Realtor did not show up till 2:27, there was a pair of Asian women looking at the house. They did a complete tour, and were gone in 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, as I watched, the entire Santa Clara U cross country program was in front of me, lots of running and jogging and those stupid timed sprints coaches are so fond of (but are completely insane to have cross country runners do). There were bunches of men, shirtless, and bunches of women in the shortest of shorts. Everyone was in the best shape. It was a lot of eye candy. There was very little boyfriend-girlfriend action. Surprised me considering how hot they all were.

Got home around 4, there were two storm chasers streaming, one had signal problems the other was still streaming from Florida after midnight her time. Apparently it's her last storm chase, she's run out of $$ for that part of her budget. They both got rained on, but no major storm activity.

I streamed for half an hour, quit when nobody joined me. I had spent some time tweaking security on the stream - there's a new feature where you can prevent a user from logging in with a handle which contains any of a list of names you choose. My troller likes to use my name, so that tweak kept him off my stream tonight.

After salad, finished the turkey leg for dinner, ice cream for dessert. The Ghirardelli brownie for one mix did not make a very good topping. Maybe I should try mixing it with some liquid. Like rum.

Watched three episodes of Aircraft Repo. They cheated and one of the repos was a yacht. They do it bounty hunter style, which means sometimes they find themselves in handcuffs.

Also watched PTI. Ex on the Beach ended on a vastly more positive note than I expected, with one menage being allowed and another being rejected by the man in the middle after the Other Woman decided to opt out. Temptation Island is pretty rough. Cheap production values, not very well thought out segments. They have this thing they call a bonfire, which has a useless fire burning off-screen while they show the women what their men did and then, separately,  the men what their women did. One of the women boinked a single man on a first date, and her man was only mildly surprised but one of the other men was seriously shocked. His woman behaved herself (as did he).

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe make pumpkin pie
Karaoke. MC said she would try to find my new songs.

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