Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Sernedippity Doo-Dah

It was quite a day yesterday. The usual start, except a bit earlier than usual. Breakfasted by 9, was still debating with myself whether I was going to go to the monthly New Residents' tea at the community center. 10 am and there I was, along with the two new residents I met there last month. The hosts were late, but most of the time people show up at 10 after, and keep showing up till almost 11.

While I was having a conversation with one of the long time residents, in walks a couple of whom the old timers recognize the man. The husband had lived here for years, then he found a Thai bride on a dating site and moved to NE Thailand where they have been living for 4 years. She's taller and better educated than your average Isan, speaks excellent English, was a nurse before she retired and cashed in her pension to buy a set of resort cottages near Korat. She's very traditional, though, her instinct is to wai rather than shake hands. We chatted in Thai and English, and she said she was surprised I spoke Thai because her husband can't speak it at all, and also won't eat Thai food. She said she knows a nurse or two back home who would like an American husband, so I gave her my card, and she will friend me on FB and we can take it from there.

That would be a kick. Move to LV only to retire as planned to Thailand. Except her friends are in a part of Thailand I'm not keen on living.

Back home, had a small microwave meal for lunch, watched some college football and around 3 figured I had time to make a pumpkin pie. I'd bought two shells last trip to GO.

There was more filling than one shell could hold but not enough for a second pie, so I ransacked the fridge freezer** and the big freezer for all the blueberries I had, and whipped up enough blueberry pie filling to top off the second pumpkin pie. I had till 6:30 to finish that project, and the second pie came out of the oven right on time.

**earlier in the day I noticed a big smear of something on the floor of the fridge freezer, which required pulling out one of the smaller baskets, and then emptying most of the big basket in order to remove it. Used a sponge held in my grabber stick for most of the cleaning after using the grabber to pull out an ancient shrunken ice cream sandwich. There was a lot in the big basket which needs to be tossed or made into dinner.

Time to drive to Karaoke. Got there a bit after 7, but as usual they were late setting up, so I got to sing the first song. I sang a lot, and it was all good. Did the song I'd messed up last time, With One Look from Sunset Blvd, and nailed it.  Also brought down the house with a request from the DJ - I've Gotta Be Me - an old Sammy Davis, Jr. standard. It was from the musical Golden Rainbow which ran for more than a year on Broadway with Steve Lawrence singing that number. The one FAIL of the night was Kathy of the spectacular stage voice wanted to do a duet with me, and I made the mistake of choosing the same one we failed miserably with last time we tried it. Baby, It's Cold Outside in this Karaoke version has the singers talking on top of each other, which is not the way it's supposed to be done. Well, the guy is supposed to start his lines on the last note of the gal's lines, but this one had them almost completely overlapping. DJ asked me which song while Kathy was singing and I was not hearing her first suggestion.

Anyhow, it was a pretty good night, though none of my favorite eye candy showed up. There was one new eye candy, she was dressed like a JC Penney catalog model. Pretty redhead, unfortunately had a voice like a cheese grater. But she was on tempo, on key and did tunes we don't hear a lot.

Home, had a snack of some kielbasa discovered in the fridge freezer during the great cleaning, and a piece if pumpkin pie. Both pies are now in the fridge.

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