Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

On Track Again Sunday

It was a very lazy day, but it started twice. 6 am pit stop then 8 am alarm. Did some reading and watched videos on the tablet, finally out of bed around 11:30. Wearing long pants because it has been chilly, but now they say 80's this week. Oy.

Checked in on email. FB reminded me that the ball games started at 10, so salad and a quick lunch of a small frozen meal and a slice of pumpkin pie, and fired up Tivo to watch the Raiders start strong and then fold. Next was the 49ers, playing NFL water polo in DC. They slid to a 3 field goal win. It was ugly for both teams, but a lot uglier for the Deadskins.

Tried to watch the Seahawks give a home game away to Baltimore, but Tivo burped and somehow skipped to the end of the recording, past that game and past another game and finally landing on a 3rd game. I have no idea what button I hit to do that, and a Google search was no help at all.

Went out on the porch to grab a hummingbird feeder to refill, just in time to see a couple grab a flyer from the box and take a walk around the house. Wife looked like she wanted to ask me for a tour but they never got that far.

Good thing because I was in the middle of making up another 12 packets of Thai tea. The last batch tasted weak, so this time I did the math and checked it three different ways. Yup, the last batch was made with about 3 cups too much water. Trouble is the directions are in ml, and my big measuring cup is only in cups and ounces. My small measuring cup is in ml, but it's soft plastic, not rated for boiling water, and only holds 500 ml. 12 packets =  2400 ml = 81 ounces. The big measuring cup, which is Pyrex glass, is marked up to 32 oz, but has about 2 oz more room at the top, so 1 liter = 33.8 oz meant 5 packets needed 1 full Pyrex cup, 10 packets needed 2 full Pyrex cups, and then add 400 ml for the last two packets using the small measuring cup .

And that all totals about 81 oz, and the last batch was filled with a full gallon of water, 128 ounces, which is 47 ounces too much.

That pitcher is now in the fridge taking up a lot of space, and cooling enough to be made into Thai iced tea tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Yay.

Made a salad, watched Graham Norton on Tivo, paused it to collect the garbage and wheel it out to the curb. I had thrown two loser steamer bowl dinners in the food scraps garbage bin, both were made with alleged vegetables like Brussels sprouts. I've been to Brussels. They put mayo on their waffles. Sickos.

Another slice of pumpkin pie. I don't think I had a main dish.

At 6 I tried streaming, the idiot is back to his old tricks. The things I put in place to stop him didn't work. No one showed up to chat, so I killed the stream after 45 minutes. Just checked the settings, the banned words got added as a single word, no wonder they didn't work. Fixed that.

In addition to having drunk all the Thai tea from last week, all my SodaStream bottles were empty, so I fixed that, except for diet orange. Maybe there's a root beer float in my near future.

Very bothered that I'm not hearing anything from realtors. Tomorrow I think I'll suggest a $9k price reduction.

Delivered today: a pair of denture holders. One to replace one I broke and the other as a spare (I thought I had a spare, but no).

Other plans for tomorrow:
GO - bananas, charge the car.
Continue to eat what's in the freezers
Bring in the bins

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