Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hunkering Down

Crickets from the realtor since Wednesday. So I went to Grocery Outlet for bananas but ended up spending $70. $12 of that was for a month's supply of cat treats, and another $8 was a splurge on lox which ended up being lunch. They had Ghirardelli's Cabernet dark chocolate on sale, so I bought 3. Lately the Scharffen-Berger 82% from Nob Hill has been lacking in flavor, and I'm blaming the mass production and distribution for that. Used to be they made it by hand in Berkeley, about an hour away, but now it's manufactured in Illinois by Hershey. :-(

What else did I get? Avocados because they are a great salad addition sliced, but not so great as guac. Garbanzo beans, also for salad. Limes, shepards pies,  Salisbury steaks in gravy. I could easily have run the bill up to $100 with shrimp (got clam strips and fish cakes instead). Oat nut bread for PNB&J sandwiches.

Before going inside I plugged the car in, but the charger failed, twice. Boo hiss. That hadn't happened for months. No biggie, the car has an 80% charge.

Home, two of the garbage bins were ready to wheel in. It was already after noon, so salad and a bagel, cream cheese and lox for lunch. Then the rest of the lox. 3 oz. all together.

Watched a couple of storm chaser streams, but they didn't find anything major. The big tornado was in Dallas, they were in MS/AL.

Found myself falling asleep, so took a nap till 5:30.

Streamed from 6-6:45. Only one chatter who joined in right away but left after 20 minutes. No troller activity made it past my new blocks. Later today I confirmed that the email address I had sent anonymous warnings to was the right one.

Salad and clam strips with a side of green beans for dinner. Dessert for both meals was pumpkin pie - down to the last slice now.

Running a dishwasher load. I was out of salad forks.

PTI, then MNF. Watched the Jets' offense do everything they could think of to give the game to the Pats, and their defense try real hard to keep the score against them reasonable. 24-0, could easily have been 100-0.

Channel surfed to some PD and rescue shows, there's a Shark Tank episode waiting.

Played piano for a few minutes. Read some of the Nevada driver's manual. It doesn't seem to say if they allow a free right turn. Or lane splitting.

Spook has been curled up on the floor of the livingroom between the platform and the toys basket. She meows at me when I look her way. I meow back.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get outside

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