Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Doing the math can be depressing

Up early, Hgl at 9 am was lower, 160's, BP was lower but still high. Banana & jumbo HB egg - boiled a couple of days ago, a little bit stuck to the shell.

More email with realtor, checked my brokerage account, and it looks like I will have to use some of my IRA $$ in the long run. If I can hold out till next year then the tax hit will be minimal. Meanwhile $1500 xfrerred from the brokerage to cover November rent. $700 in "termite" repairs coming, then who knows how much in contractor - another $2k I think. This is making me very nervous.

We also lowered the house price by $9k to bring it down to my original price.

Termite guy probably won't be here for another week, maybe 2. Holding my breath. Then contractor to fix some indoor paint foo, and cracks in the sheet rock. And re-connect the dryer exhaust tube.

Spent too much time on my butt in front of the PC and the TV. Started to call the denture clinic, but hung up. It's not bad enough to drive to San Jose for.

Made a baloney and cheese on a bagel for lunch after a small salad. Put it down 3/4 of the way to watch the daily drive home, which ran a bit longer than usual. Peeked in on a few other streams which were on the live list.

Watched PTI, but that was the only new show on Tivo. The Oak Island and Gold Rush episodes were reruns. NatGeo had a cool show about some African river's wildlife. Maury was screaming women day. And in both cases the DNA test vindicated the man in the middle. Dr. Phil was kind of slow and stupid today, more than usual. He went way over his time on the first case and only had 30 seconds for the second guy. Yes, he did play college football, at two colleges, and no, he does not have a license to practice as a psychologist.

Wanted to watch Hot Bench but too many commercials.

Mailbox mostly was divided into paper recycle and the shredder.

Email from Lake Chabot Park tempted me to go out there tomorrow. Maybe. Shoreline is a lot closer, with more places to sit.

The blueberry pie was meh. Not awful but I should have pureed the berries instead of using the hand-held electric mixer.

Spook was clawing under the sofa, there was something under there she wanted but couldn't reach. I got the flashlight out and saw two small objects, but I needed to raise the sofa to get at them. I have a hydraulic car lift in the bedroom which I used long ago to raise the bed frame to put sliders under it. I hauled that out, lifted the sofa a little to get it under, and pumped it up about a foot. Used the claw on a stick and retrieved one golf ball sized foam "soccer" ball, and three or four tiny mouse toys, one decorated as Star Wars BB-8.  All those things were way at the back, kind of amazing that Spook was able to bat them all the way under. Or maybe Spot helped.

I moved her triceratops to the end of the sheepskin rug, and she took the hint and embedded herself in the middle of the rug with the dino as her pillow. Much better than with it in the center of the rug and her halfway off it. 

Streamed from 6-6:45 again. No troll attacks, only one chatter, and he bailed after 10 minutes. I should stop doing this if I'm only talking to myself. The original plan was to stream from my car, driving places, but that was too expensive - needed unlimited data, and a more solid cell signal than we have on our roads here.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to relax
Get out the camera
Go to a park. Take the tablet. Take pictures and read.
Enjoy the summer weather

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