Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shoreline Duster, Termite repairs and blueberry pie

The usual breakfast, though the skin on the HB egg didn't peel all the way and the slicer was more like a crusher.

Hgl was high again, but BP was low-ish. I lost a few ounces of weight too.

Waited for Google traffic to die down then drove to Shoreline Park, 5 minutes to get to the freeway exit, but 15 to get from there the 3 miles to the park, thanks to massive Google construction on both sides of the street.

Plenty of parking, now that school and work is back in session. First surprise is they have fenced off the huge lawn, claiming they are installing irrigation - long overdue.

Canada geese don't care about fences

Meanwhile the shoreline is a dust bowl

Possible calendar photo, needs some cropping.

I walked as far as my sciatica allowed, then limped back to the boathouse for lunch. Asian chicken salad is always good there. And there is always eye candy and other interesting people watching.

Safeway stop on the way home, on the list were salad greens, marinated artichoke hearts and some frozen meals. Also mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Not on the list was double dark chocolate ice cream pops. A UK cousin posted her enjoying some Portuguese pasties which looked like quiche, which prompted me to buy a box of mini quiches. Also not quite on the list was chocolate pudding/pie filling and cool whip (called for in the pudding recipe).
I would have spent more $$ but they no longer carry frozen lobster tails and crab are out of season.

Home too late for the storm chasers and metal detector, but NASA finally is back to their Thursday 4 pm stream. This time it was a costume contest, two sets of eight contestants were brought on one or two at a time to tell us about their work at NASA Ames. Including the two woman MCs, all were woman except for one guy. I find this highly disturbing, since it's a no brainer that there are at least as many qualified men as women in aerospace.

When I got home I was feeling low Hgl, so ate one of the intense chocolate ice cream pops and one of the ice cream sandwiches. Also switched to coffee.

Turned on the Tivo and watched PTI and then the football game. Washington did far better than I expected but Minnesota won anyway.

Made a salad and the quiche for dinner. Spook stared at me when I brought the quiche out, but walked away from the one I set down on the carpet for her. And ignored me for the rest of the evening except when I waved the brush in her direction. She loves having her face brushed and is learning to like her back brushed.

Blueberry pie for dessert was good enough to not flush it down. Chocolate pudding pie is on hold till the blueberry is gone.

Email from realtor, termite guy will make the repairs Tuesday at noon, he needs me and Spook out of the house, it sounds like it's only for an hour, but I asked the realtor to ask him to confirm that. If it's only an hour, I can take Spook to the community center in her carrier, but if it's longer I need to reserve a spot for her at the pet hotel.

In other news, the carport arlo cam was recording every passing car, so I got out the stepladder and  pointed it away from the street. It just triggered again, I think to noise so I turned off its microphone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting email from realtor re: termite guy
Need to ping LV manager - she was going to send me a form to get my deposit back
6:30 pm "spirituality" talk at Lucie Stern in Palo Alto. I should check to see if PA Players has a show, for parking info.
Try not to spend any $
Charge the car when I get back from PA.

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