Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Baha'i Day

The usual breakfast, lunch was salad and lemongrass beef Safeway frozen meal. Cut up two avocados, one each in a storage bowl. Probably 4 salads worth each.

Watched Ex on the Beach reunion and Temptation Island. Both were pretty awkward. None of the ex couples who left together stayed together except the Jewish Princess and her tall skinny not at all attractive ex. The others all were LDRs and nobody was willing to move cross country to make a relationship work. That surprised me. TI is paced way too slow and the MC is obnoxious. They didn't let the Ex on the Beach MC host the reunion, which is good because he's functionally illiterate.

Paused one of those to join the storm chaser drive home. Also watched some of Metal detector guy, his final stream from upstate NY - he's moving to VA Sunday. Lucky guy - no house to sell.

Realtor wrote that termite treatment needs me and Spook out of the house till 3:30. I was about to book a room for Spook at PetSmart when the online form asked for my vet's name. Looking on my vet's site, they do short term boarding, so I booked Spook for noon-ish to 4 pm Tuesday. I can hang out at Starbucks. My vet is much closer than PetSmart. Much.


Emailed the LV manager reminding her she was going to send a form, she asked how things were going and that she would send the form right away, but she didn't. No rush, so no worries.

Two Gold Rush episodes turned out to be the same ones they showed last week, and the extra footage was few, far between and worthless. I nuked #2 halfway through #1.

Rent bill delivered. A little less than last month, used less electricity and gas. Odd since I lit the furnace and baked more than usual.

5:30, drove to Palo Alto for what was billed as a discussion on spirituality, but it turned out to be a Baha'i event. Nice people, and there was one non-Baha'i woman there - a recovering Catholic, very tall, long ago from Mexico but no accent at all. Four other women were all B's, one a tiny Chinese, one a short chubby Scandinavian and two Middle Eastern looking Americans.  One non-B man, and I think 4 B's of the male persuasion. As with most B events, they assume the Muslim construct of God is the only one, so I reminded them that this is not the case in many parts of the world. It was an open discussion, everyone took everyone else at face value.

The biggest shock of the night for me was the entire parking lot behind the theater is fenced off, including the Girl Scout building and the Children's Science Museum. Something HUGE is being built back there, but they have only just started. After seeing the big fence at Shoreline Park yesterday, this was very annoying.

Took the scenic route there and back, tomorrow when I get back from meeting J I'll have to charge the car.

Made a late dinner, fried chicken and mixed veggies, blueberry pie.

Spook ate a couple of bits of chicken I threw to her, but left one behind.

She's been parking in all her favorite places, and some new ones like the inside of the tube in her window platform. And she brought me one of her little mouse toys when I was on the crapper.

No streaming tonight, giving it a rest.

Plans for tomorrow:
Read - hang out on the porch
College football
refill the second feeder
Coffee with J

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