Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short Day

Up too late for the usual breakfast, so made ramen and sliced an HB egg into it. Probably should have used a raw egg and made egg drop ramen soup.

Snack lunch was a single corn dog. I may have had an ice cream sandwich too. Finished the last of the gallon of Thai tea.

Loaded the dishwasher, including Spook's big water fountain.

Watched some college football. Not much happening on the storm chasers' twitch sites. Beach stream was a FAIL - they were still on Kho Samui, pitch dark there, instead of BVI where the sun was out.

Drove to MV an hour early, so I could read while I waited for J, but my frappe took 15 minutes to make - they made mobile phone orders a priority, which makes no sense. People standing around waiting should get served first.

I did get to read. Good chat with J, she was planning on going on another trip Monday but I told her to check about the fires & PG&E situation first. Email from her later said she's going to delay the trip a few weeks. Meanwhile, Netflix is ending support for the Sony DVD player she uses for streaming, as well as virtually every <$300 player they sell. Looks like an Amazon firestick is the way to go. I'm not supposed to use my free Netflix account, so I don't. And I don't watch enough of their stuff if I'm not working for them to buy an account. With just one of me, going to the movies is less expensive.

Home, watched more college football. Great to see Notre Dame crushed. I didn't stick around long enough to see Stanford win. They were not doing so well when I left. Also good to see Oregon slip by Wazoo.

Tivo had a lot of stuff. Long Lost Lives was especially good. Long Island Medium wasn't well done. She is spending way too much time following her daughter's engagement party planning to the detriment of actual readings. Gold Rush is finally showing actual mining, after weeks of previous season wrap ups. Temptation Island also was BS, they showed the casting process in great detail, something which should have aired before the show went live, I think.

I still have a Graham Norton waiting to be watched, am not sure if I will keep the Nova episode on self-driving cars, since they are a fact of life in my neck of the woods, but the synopsis of the show claims we're a decade away from them being practical. I have no use for alleged science shows which have an agenda.

For dinner there was salad, plus I heated up the package of 6 Salisbury steak patties in gravy, and ate two over slices of sourdough. Root beer float was dessert. Put the other two pairs of patties in ziplock bags in the freezer. One of those will probably be over rice. And maybe the last one I'll have with roti.

Plans for tomorrow:
Water the gardens
Hang out on the porch & read
Charge the car
Change the litterbox, which means a trip to the store to buy one. Petco?


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