Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Socially Securer

Very high Hgl a little before 10 am. The usual breakfast, made sure all the membrane was off the egg before slicing it.

LV manager sent a form for me to sign to get my deposit back. It was worded in a way that said they had given the $ to the owner, and that I would have no further claims if I signed it. But I think he owes me for the assessment which he had me do, which is useless to me now.

LV manager says no, because they don't refund things which are a benefit to me. But it was not of benefit to me as soon as I released him from the contract. I guess I should have remembered at the time. Oh well.

I'll take my time signing the form since she took her time sending it.

Realtor was going to drop off more flyers today, but didn't. Typical.

Social security snailmail said they would be sending me an extra $15 because they miscalculated my benefits due to my working last year. I actually received the $$ yesterday. They also raised my dole amount by about $1.50 a month. Yay!

Read a lot from the Alan Dead Foster novel. On the porch it was so chilly/windy I needed my Supersonics windbreaker and Greek captain's hat. Hummingbirds were whizzing by, sometimes stopping to drink.

Lunch salad and a pasta & meat sauce frozen meal. Ice cream sandwich.

Brought in the garbage bins as they were collected.

Watched the daily drive home stream. Also watched a streamer apply wolf makeup and another streamer try to match one man with 10 women.

Tivo - Shark Tank. The regulars show almost no respect for each other now. And two of the beggars had no reason for being there.

Nosherei: Top Ramen egg drop, PNB

Dim sum dinner, mochi dessert. Watched the Dolphins give the game away to a mediocre Steelers team. Both teams were hit with far too many penalties.

Streamed for 15 minutes, two troll follows to block & ban.

J emailed she is going north to help at Red Cross fire evacuation centers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Termite guy due at noon
pack Spook into her carrier
Drop her off at the vet's
find a place with wi-fi to camp out
4 pm - pick up Spook & return home

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