Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Termite Guy

Oatmeal & banana breakfast. Did all the online things while waiting for noon. Spook stayed on the floor in the corner of the guest room all morning.

Termite Guy showed up 15 minutes early, which was okay. I needed a pit stop, then juggled Spook into her mesh carrier, and put her in the front seat. Went out front to talk to Termite Guy. He had shown me what he thought was fungus infection on the bottom of one of the front railings. I agreed it was something, but I don't think it is fungus. Looked like it just needed superficial work and paint, not a whole rail replacement. Contractors will have it on their plate later.

Anyhow, TG will bill Realtor. She may or may not bill me. Better to take it out of the sale proceeds.

Vet is located on a side street which used to have plenty of parking but now the Apple spaceship is open and Apple employees are not considerate parkers. Found a spot in the vet's lot, though. Vet's front office was busy so it was a bit of a wait to drop Spook off.

On to the next parking foo. The parking lot by the downtown Starbucks was not only full, but there were parking vultures galore, so I escaped that and went to the underground lot 2 blocks away, and it was full too. Found lots of spots on the -2nd floor though, near the elevator.

Starbucks was almost empty. I found a seat with a table and A/C, and a reasonable eye candy view, set up the laptop and read more from the Kindle book until it was time to watch the daily drive home. Wi-fi signal was excellent, but there were still some burps. Watched a couple of random streamers, and at 3-ish wrapped it up, made a pit stop and headed for the car.

Parking at the vet's was better, someone brought Spook out without me having to ask, and the well-endowed staffer said "forgetaboutit" when I said I had to pay. That was nice.

Home, Spook was spooked. Lots of strange noises and poses for a while. She even hid in the closet.

Watched PTI . Surprised the Nats are still in it. Also watched Below Deck and am kind of amazed Cap hasn't thrown the chef to the sharks. Are there sharks in Pangnga Bay? I forget.

The carport cam mount fell off its velcro strip, I had to get the stepladder out and wrap a new piece of velcro around the column and attach a new piece to the mount. I tried mounting above the door, but that angle was useless.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up on time again. Have to hide the denture stuff & meds and head for the community center around 10. Realtor is bringing a visitor at 11.
There is a coffee klatch on the park's calendar every Wednesday at 10, but the last two times I went nobody else showed up. But I can set up the laptop or the tablet and read.
Drop off the rent
No idea what I'll do the rest of the day.

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