Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Visitor, another no-bid

So many FAILS by realtor® today.
After breakfast and making an appointment with a new cardiologist, went to the community center, dropped off the rent, got a cup of coffee and set up my laptop. Used to be every Wed at 10 there was a gathering of people to chat, but only one other person showed up and he went off to bible study.
Home visit was planned for 11, but by 11:15 Spook was still parked in the middle of the livingroom, which meant nobody was visiting yet. Arlo cams finally showed them at 11:33, they didn't tour the whole house, left in 8 minutes. They did walk around the house.

Realtor restocked the flyers outside and left a pile for me in the kitchen. The new flyers are great, lots of photos, better layout, lower price. But they still said there was a thyme and basil garden. I've never been able to grow basil, which I mentioned when it was on the original flyer.

Got home, Shepard's pie for lunch, watched some fires on the news, TWC mostly ignored them, they are east coast centric and prefer hurricanes and tornadoes.

Drove to Lowe's where they had tons of basil, in peat pots ready for panting. I bought 6 and planted them between the two sage bushes. Also ordered on Amazon a set of herb garden markers. Pre-printed on birch wood, will be here Friday. Should have bought them a month ago.

Streamed from 6-6:30, no chatters. Found a new singer to follow, she reminds me of Danielle from LSOH.

Needed some stuff from GO, so went there, plugged in the car and bought too much stuff. And not enough. $60. And forgot the red onions, but I have a bunch of yellow onions which I bet will work in salads as well. Bananas, milk, lunch meals were on the list. Strawberries were cheap.

Home, made salad with garbanzo beans and cuke slices from GO. Dinner was Dinty Moore beef stew, from GO. It has gone way downhill from when I was a fat little boy addicted to it. Ground beef instead of actual stew meat. Mostly potatoes + a few random carrot slices. The gravy is good, I added some sherry to it. soaked a slice of sourdough bread in it.

Sliced strawberries and whipped cream was dessert.

Watched the 2-hour Oak Island never before seen scenes, which only bolstered my feeling that these guys are well-funded amateurs. Another 2-hour episode, White Water Gold, was also about a bunch of amateurs, also well-funded, but the script calls for the leader crying crocodile tears when they don't find any gold. PTI was very animated, Tony is a die-hard Nats fan, Mike gave him a hard time about not being in Houston for game 7.

Meanwhile, Spook has been finding more places to hide. She slept on the bed most of the evening, but earlier she curled up inside her tube platform. She usually sits on top of the platform looking out the window. Now she's inside the tube a lot.

Realtor emailed that the visitor was hoping to buy for cash from an inheritance, but doesn't think she can cover the 3-month rent in income rule. :-(
That's something you're supposed to find out before you show the place. She said the reason they were late is she was waiting for a home to be delivered. I actually passed it on my way back from the community center.

Plans for tomorrow:
Halloween. A good day to stay home. There won't be any trick or treaters in the park but there will be a ton of them in the neighborhood outside.
It's Spook's birthday. She wouldn't eat a cake if I made one for her. I may make that chocolate pudding pie. Slice some strawberries into it.
Read & play piano. Nap

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