Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short Report

Spook slept with me until my 6 am pit stop, when I got out of the shower she was curled up on the cube near the bedroom window. I wished her a happy birthday (she's 6 today !) but she wasn't excited at all.

Waggin Tongue is the park's monthly magazine.

Hgl was normal - I did 200 units at bedtime instead of 150, will make that the rule from now on.

The usual breakfast, computer stuff, there were two storm chasers and the metal detector guy to watch. Did three loads of laundry. Spook helped:

Jimmy Dean sausage criossant for lunch, White Castle sliders for dinner.
Boiled up a double batch of chocolate pie filling, filled a graham cracker crust and added strawberry slices. There was enough for three cupcake-sized tubs in addition to the pie. Had one as a snack.

4 pm I was falling asleep at the computer, took a nap. Spook curled up on the bed too.

Watched the football game, or tried to. Tivo has changed its rules, instead of adding 3 hours to the scheduled recording it only allows 3.5 hours total, which means I missed the heart attack 4th quarter where Arizona almost came back from a major deficit to win. Almost. Had to tune into the game channel later to find out that the 9ers won. Last week was their only decisive game of the season, this week was several steps backward.

Watched a Nova episode on paleontology in Colorado, which was kind of disjointed. The editors tried to make it all about how mammals evolved, but it was much broader than that. Continuity was lacking. A lot of fascinating stuff, but not well presented. And way too much time spent showing one animation of a particular prehistoric rodent.

PTI was mostly about the World Series, but they also took time to eulogize the Warriors. And it's always great to have Steve Young on. The producers did a really great job of Halloweenification of the set, and the boys' costumes were okay.

Realtor has an open house set for Sunday afternoon.

Mail truck didn't show up till after 5 pm.

Chatted with Lee & Cal next door neighbors.

Plans for tomorrow:
No idea
Maybe go to CVS downtown and look for butterfinger and snickers Halloween candy on sale. I also need more sugar free caramels.
Air quality took a minor dive today, should be better tomorrow as the temps drop


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