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Got into bed around midnight, Spook curled up right against my back which made it awkward to get comfortable. Didn't manage to fall asleep. Acid reflux attack around 2 am made me get up and go to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Turned on the PC and muddled through the tile matching game. Won a game of solitaire. Scanned FB.

Back to bed about 3:30, Spook had moved to the middle of the bed, which made it easier.

Up at 6 am, pit stop. Back to bed. Alarm at 7:30 - I told Google to turn it off and turn off the bedroom lights. Finally up and taking my Hgl at 11. It was way higher than expected, but then I expected to take it while my bedtime insulin was still active. All things considered it was okay. BP was low. Gained a pound.

After the usual morning stuff drove to CVS downtown MV. What was I thinking? That's three times as far as I intended to go. They had butterfinger minis on sale 2 for 1 but they only had one, so I didn't buy any. They did have the rare big bags of Werther's sugar-free caramels so I bought 2.

Back to SVale, most of the way home, Lucky's had mini snickers on sale but butterfingers were full price but the cashier gave me one at the sale price. Also got beef pot pies.

Home just in time to tinkle. I probably should have gone to the restroom at Starbucks before heading home.

Hgl was getting low, and I was late for the twitch streams, so I grabbed a handful of the mini butterfingers and munched on them while on the PC.

After the stream was over I put three decorative bowls on the kitchen table and filled one with butterfingers, one with snickers and one with not-sugar-free caramels. Maybe it will help sell the house Sunday.

8:30 am delivery at the front door, before heading to CVS I collected the envelope, it was the herb garden markers. I put them in front of their appropriate herbs. Mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil and sage. Threw away the ones for dill, cilantro and parsley which I don't grow. They are small and low to the ground, but when I got back home and checked them out, they looked fine for visitors. I may drive over to Yamagami's/Summerwinds in Saratoga tomorrow and see if they have anything taller. Too late to order online. I may go just to walk through the gardens.

Tivo was disappointing today. PTI only had one of the hosts, and a fill-in. Gold Rush was two reruns.  Temptation Island wasted half their bandwidth on last week and next week teasers. And they don't show nearly as much of the action as the other similar shows. They did make up for that a little with some nudity.

49ers follow-up on Fox & ESPN was kind of lame, gave too much weight to the perfect record and not enough to the fact that they only won half of those games decisively. Next week is Seahawks at Levi's. Should be interesting.

Dinner was a beef pot pie. I keep forgetting not to buy Marie Calendar anymore - they changed the formula and it doesn't microwave worth beans anymore. Had a slice of chocolate pudding pie. The strawberries were a good touch. I forgot the whipped cream, though.

FB posting said I need an additional tag to be able to use the express lanes, which open on my birthday. Looks like I will still be here for that, dammit. So I went online and applied for the tag, and updated my car info from the ford to the nissan. And also updated the credit card, since the express lanes won't be free, they will be half price with the tag.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Monthly park birthday party - this time I'll be a birthday boy
After rush hour, drive to Saratoga (?)
Quick stop at GO for salad greens

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