Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Birthday Boy, sorta

Up on time for a change, the usual breakfast & online stuff. Hgl was okay but 50 points higher than expected for an 8:30 am reading. Allegedly my bedtime 200 units of insulin were still active. BP was high too. I lost 0.3 lbs.

Heard a new song on the Thai radio station by one of my favorite singers, Rose Sirinthip, called ไม่หมดรัก แต่หมดแรง - Not Empty of Love but Empty of Strength. One of those I want a divorce songs. Pretty tune.

10 am I drove to the community center for the November birthday/anniversary party, there were 4 of us with November birthdays who showed up. Chatted with the hostess, who had been a realtor before she retired, and she told me that it's probably going to be a while - and I should consider lowering the sale price by the amount of $$ I will save by moving, But I already have. And a couple of the folks who live on the other side of the park said there are a bunch of homes with for sale signs that popped up. After the party I took a drive and counted two by my realtor, two by the agency which advertises the most and six with a  company I have never heard of. Nothing on my block or even in my quarter of the park, they are all on the streets closest to Persian Drive, which wraps around the north side of the park, and gets noise from Hwy 237 and from sewer construction and a huge apartment going up to replace the strip joint.

I dropped off some flyers in the community room.

Looking at my finances, I can pay for my move from the IRA in 2020, since my taxes will be minimal. This year I have unemployment insurance payments on top of social security.

Home for a while, lunch was Chef Boyardee beef ravioli, as bland as I remembered it from childhood. Chocolate pudding pie dessert.

Watched some college football. There was nothing interesting online. Spook has been diving into her toy basket and pulling out some things I had forgotten she had. She has reinstated an old routine of waiting till I am on the toilet and bringing me a small stuffed mouse. She has about three of them. She wants me to toss them to her. Sometimes she bats them back to me, sometimes she tosses them in the air and runs after them.

Quick trip to GO for salad greens, dressing, olives and ice cream. And red onions. I had tried using sliced yellow onions in salad, but they are too bland.

Watched Oregon start off weak against USC, but each time I checked in they had more points. Final score was 56-24. Washington lost a squeaker to Utah earlier in the day. :-(

Open house tomorrow afternoon, so will have to wait for evening Tivo to watch the games. 49ers have a Bye.

Did not go to any nurseries, the name tags from Amazon look great, low to the ground that they are.

Watched an actual new episode of Gold Rush, it is amazing how untrained these people are, and also how they don't care at all what their strip mining is doing to the environment. Greed in its purest form. Long Lost Lives was especially good this time. They found both the birth moms, and the moms knew who the dads were, but the program didn't pursue that (on screen at least). Long Island Medium showed her running errands around my old neighborhood. Levittown, Wantagh, Mineola, Massapequa.

Fried chicken for dinner after a salad

Plans for tomorrow:
Prep for the open house:
- run the dishwasher
- take out the garbage & recycles
- Hide the meds and denture stuff
- Swiffer the kitchen floor
- Put away the tray table
Leave by 1:30, maybe downtown Starbucks again
watch football

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