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More crickets, but some good football

Spook was in bed next to me most of the night, when I got up at 6 she moved to her niche between the hampers and the laundry basket on the other side of the bedroom. All my networked devices did the Standard Time shuffle seamlessly. 7:30 PST the alarm went off and the lights came on and I did not feel like I'd had an extra hour of sleep.

After I was dressed I set all the clocks. There are a lot of them. The weather station by the bed and the one in the office both make you go through most of the time setting and the last thing is daylight vs. standard. Have to not change the time, just the mode. Timex clock radios in the bathroom, office & kitchen have a DT/ST switch in the back. Sony clock radio in the 2nd bathroom and in the shower let you set the hour. The two large font clocks in the livingroom and bedroom are the same. Microwaves have a clock setting, just enter the time. Clock on the oven has a +/- which changes one minute at a time. Car console has a clock setting with a DT/ST toggle. Weather station in the kitchen gets its time off the air, the atomic clock signal.

Got all those done before doing anything else.

Hid the things in the bathroom which needed hiding for the open house. Did the same after I took my Hgl reading and morning meds, but left out an insulin pen for breakfast & lunch. Collected all the garbages and recycles and put them in the bins outside.

The usual breakfast. Down to my last jumbo HB egg. Have plenty of bananas. Sliced up two red onions for salad. Am tempted to buy one of those thin slicer machines, my food processor can't handle a whole onion. But I really don't need more stuff.

1:30 drove to Baylands park, it was warm enough to sit in the shade at first, but had to move into the sun later. Monitoring the home cams, realtor showed up almost on time, but there were no visitors until 5 minutes before the 4 pm end of the session. She sat out on the front porch for 2 hours after setting up some flyers on the livingroom TV table. At 3:51 a woman came in, asked the price, made an exclamation like it was way too high, came inside for a couple of minutes but did not take the grand tour. he left at 3:56. Realtor left at 4.

Not a WIN.

Looks like I'll be here a while.  :-(

3-ish, drove to MV Starbucks, continued to monitor the house while reading more of the trilogy. I think I started the 3rd book. It's set on a different planet and I think far into the future from the previous book.

4 pm, Janice arrived, we had our usual chat. She is back early from helping at a red cross shelter in Santa Rosa. With the fire mostly contained, and smoke clearing, the center was able to send her home.

6-ish, drove home. It gets dark by then now. Boo, hiss.

Wheeled the bins out to the curb.

Watched the Raiders on Tivo squeak by the Lions, which is pretty good since the Detroit coach was hired from the Patriots and he brought at least one star player with him. Next up was the Ravens, who were squeaking by the Patriots until the Pats started making big mistakes, and Baltimore ended up winning decisively, 37-20.

Sometime this morning I went online looking for a Las Vegas Golden Knights jacket similar to the Sharks jacket which has served me so well for many years. I found an identical style, but they "only" have it in up to 2XL, and the size chart says 4X would be better. There is a jacket available in 4X which has most of the same features, but no hood and no zipper cover. I should check my Sharks jacket to see what size it is.

Spook has been rescuing her smaller toys from the basket and batting them under the sofa where she can't get to them. After battling the sofa or a while, she cries at me. I have to get down on my tummy with a light and a stick to retrieve them. She gets a lot of exercise whacking them around the house, so I'm okay with doing some rescue work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dr. appointment in the afternoon to take care of the cat scratches on my ankle. Nurse can probably handle that.
Monday night football
There should be other things on Tivo.  Shark Tank and maybe Below Deck.


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