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New cardiologist is really cute, young, east Indian name but New York born. She had already studied my history and gave me some new ideas. One drug to maybe add to my list, but looking at the side effects probably not a good choice for me. Ordered a wrist BP meter, she says they are accurate now, and a lot easier to use. My BP at home was much higher than the 110/56 they measured. Maybe need more diuretic to get the swelling in my ankles down.

Traffic was light at 9 am, read in the lobby for half an hour, went up for the 10 am appointment 10 minutes early, waited several minutes for a receptionist to look up and see me. 20 minutes before they came to get me and doctor was half an hour late.

But she took her time with me, I was out at about 11.

Home, decided there was nothing in the way of groceries I really needed.

More email from Realtor, made me lose my appetite. No lunch as such, just a salad.

Email from LV manager, she finally has my refund check, it should fedex to me real soon now.

Realtor set up an appointment for the repairs estimator for the 14th.  As usual, way later than expected. 9 am. I'll be home for that. No idea when the actual work will be done. I'll need to move $$ from my brokerage to pay for it.

Tivo had another Gold Rush 5-minute teaser, and the Oak Island 2-hour season opener had about 7 minutes of actual new action. 90% of the footage was from the files, or talking heads saying nothing substantial. The big winner on Tivo was the Little Mermaid Live + Animated event. The audience had a blast, they got to be the ocean with blue silk strips, and lobster claws were worn for the chef's scene. The live musical numbers were mediocre and audio was horrible. There were a lot of flying cables for the mer-people, but only Ariel's first swim made them invisible. In general the tech was not world class.

It was entertaining. I would have liked more live action and less from the original movie. Neptune was only in animation, I thought that was rude. They only gave live parts to characters who sang.

Dinner was mac and cheese, the last 2 pieces of chocolate pudding pie for dessert.

Emptied the big water fountain in the kitchen and replaced it with the flower fountain from the livingroom. I got the big fountain because Spot drank a lot, but the petal fountain lasts a week for Spook, and the only reason it's in the livingroom was my inertia.

Watched Miami of Ohio beat Ohio of Ohio. Nice to find some football on a Wednesday.

Morning was overcast and high particulate count. We're at 75 now, still high but not the 106 of this morning. Chilly too.

On Twitch, the daily drive was listened to with half an ear as I researched stuff from the cardiologist and answered realtor email. Vegas_penguin was on with a rare daylight stream, camera being held by a woman Vegas streamer, they shared a tour of a car museum - HUGE place. All kinds of vehicles.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do a dishwasher load
Particle count will determine outdoor activities

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