Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too Quiet

Banana for breakfast, no oatmeal or egg because Hgl was high again. Not measuring BP until the wrist monitor arrives.

No much news online. AG phoned, he's starting to like his new boss and is now working on automation, which is what he likes.

Delivered was the new fastrack device, this one is for cars with commuter tags. Express lanes are not free, nor are bridges, but this tag gives a 50% discount.
Looks like I'll be stuck here long enough to use it. Pisses me off.

Tossed onto the porch without tripping the front door camera was the Las Vegas Golden Knights stadium jacket. It is the same make and model as my Sharks jacket, but while the Sharks jacket is XL and fits fine, the Knights jacket is 2XL and is a little bit tight. The arms are the right size for me, the Sharks jacket arms are too long.

It's not being worn in public till I move.

In the mail was a flyer from Kaiser saying there's a partner company which might be able to save me my monthly fee and some drug and lab co-pays. Nothing on the web site they listed had any details. Called the number, and my social security payments are more than 2x the program's max income allowance.

Lunch was salad and I mixed some tuna with mayo and chopped onions for a poor man's tuna salad. Added paprika & mustard. I'm now out of mayo, which is a good thing.

Watched metal detector guy for a few minutes, then the daily ride home, and then the Vegas dog lover woman who ran camera yesterday for Vegas_Penguin was out on her bike with her guy, on a very scenic trail which is only 22 miles from where I'm moving to. Historic Railroad Trail overlooking Lake Mead, was the delivery road for building Hoover Dam. Cool tunnels.

Watched random TV until the football game came on Tivo. Paused near halftime to waste time on Twitter and FB. Dinner was salad, then a two-step bake - clam strips only want 400° for 8 minutes, fish fillets want 435° for 23 minutes. Baked the clam strips, poured them onto a plate, then baked the fillets. Nuked the strips for 15 secs after taking the fillets out of the oven. Then poured those on top of the strips. Tartar sauce and lime soda on the side. I'd defrosted a bag of mango chunks, so a bowl of those with sweetened condensed milk for dessert.

I put the tuna can out for Spook, and a small thing of Sheba wet food. She meowed for treats as well. Sigh. During the football game she slept curled up on the floor under the window, head resting on the base of her viewing platform. She snores.

Did a load of laundry - bath towel needed a wash. I also stripped the bed and pulled the leopard print cover off of the sofa. Made the bed with a different set of sheets, Spook helped by diving underneath them. And under the quilt when I put that on. Then she complains that she can't find her way out.

It was too chilly to go to the park, and particulate count was high, so I mostly stayed indoors.

Plans for tomorrow:
Safeway shopping. Make a list first
There will probably be a college football game to watch

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