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Half of Him

Spook spent most of the night curled up on the floor by the hampers and laundry basket. 6 am pit stop I petted her, then back to bed. Woke with the alarm at 7:30, she was curled up against my back, with one of her toy mice nearby.

Breakfast banana at about 9. Hgl back down to 168. Got caught up watching Twitch streams, didn't get around to my news feeds.

11:30 off to Safeway. Got everything on my list plus 4 low sodium steamer bowls. Did not hang out at the Starbucks there. Didn't want to miss the usual streams on Twitch.

Home, put stuff away, caught Vegas_Penguin on a pre-work stream, he said someone ha been asking about me earlier. Someone he had never seen before. Turned out to be the troll, who had followed my page yesterday and was blocked and banned from my channel.

Delivered was the refund check from LV. And the wrist BP meter, which worked well but did not have bluetooth so is basically useless to me. Online, ordered a much more expensive Omron unit which has BT. I used to use the Omron BP arm meter but couldn't get the cuff adjusted, or something. Bottom line is I already have an account with them.

The daily ride home was chatty today, lots of regulars and a couple of new people.

Tivo showed a lot of recordings, but Long Island Medium and PTI were the only real/new episodes. Below Deck was an annotated version of the season opener, Gold Rush had 5 old episodes with alleged extra content but I've learned what a crock that is. Temptation Island was a full episode, but they mostly focused on the one guy who won't cheat on his girlfriend. Boring guy, not looking to hook up with any single women, but says he doesn't care if his girlfriend dumps him.

Late lunch Jimmie Dean Croissant.

Movie night was a full house tonight, All of Me is a low-budget vehicle for Steve Martin, where Lilly Tomlin as an ill billionaire dies and takes over half his body via the work of a guru who muffs his job of transferring Tomlin's spirit into the body of the character played by Victoria Tennant.  I see on IMDB that Martin married Tennant after meeting he in the movie. I was not impressed by Martin's slapstick, never am. At best a B picture, impossible to follow plots (there are at least 4), except for Tennant, everyone phoned it in. Martin had a chance to show off his guitar skills (I know he's an ace banjo picker) but those scenes are short and messed up.

UW-OSU game was on Fox network, 10-0 huskies at halftime, but I turned it off early in the first quarter after a huge long pass was intercepted. Final score 19-7 Washington.

Home, late dinner salad followed by the last Tom kha gai from the freezer. Magnum dark chocolate ice cream pop for dessert. I'd had one earlier in the afternoon as well as one of the raspberry ones.

Troll sent me an anonymous text via Skype. Pretty much nails it as being the kid I suspected.

Meeting J for coffee tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bank, deposit check in savings
College football
Anything else which pops up on Tivo

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