Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shopping for paper things

Sunday, so I stayed in bed till about 10. Spook did her usual thing of starting the night in the bed, moving to the floor at about 6 am, then back on the bed at about 9.

Sunday is also the day to fill the meds containers. Hgl was high again, but after 10 I expect it to be. BP using the wrist meter was low normal. The meter keeps saying it thinks my heartbeat is not rhythmical, so I use the Kardia to confirm it's not afib. Kind of cool that the BP and EKG are on the same app.

Remembered the eggs, so breakfast was the usual.

No storm chasers, which surprised me because there are snowstorms in some of their areas. Watched a Bernie Sanders speech.

Watched some football, though none of my teams were playing today.

Lunch was salad followed by slices from the smoked turkey drumstick. The last Magnum ice cream pop for dessert.

4-ish, gave in to the shopping gremlin and went to Target. Got a chai latte at the Starbucks in-store, took out my laptop and read a few chapters in the trilogy. It's getting toward the big finish.

Then shopping. On my list were TP, napkins, small paper plates, Magnum ice cream pops,  Famous Amos cookies and Sodastream diet cola syrup. No pops, but they had chocolate ice cream sandwiches on sale so I bought a box. Also on sale nearby were Ghirardelli's dark chocolate bars. And fresh frozen avocado pieces. And dark chocolate M&Ms.

Home, more football. Good to see Dallas lose at home.

Salad followed by beef pot pie and a chocolate ice cream sandwich. And some egg nog.

One of my FB friends says she makes her own "it's easy", so I looked up recipes and it is not easy. They sell egg whites but not yolks. I hate separating eggs, and not having anything to use the whites in. Egg whites remind me of mucus. Target had egg nog, but it was way overpriced. I have been drinking Safeway's brand, but it's too thin. I should get some Darigold.

Tossed Spook's little mice - she loves to chase them and bat them back to me. Or under the sofa. She's very fast.

Watched Creature Features, an old Vincent Price number called Shock, they had his daughter as a guest, and she has basically made a living off memories of her father. She gives lectures. Hold retreats. Calls herself an inspirational speaker. She seems like a nice person. She also writes. She did not mention her biography of her dad,but she did mention this gem: The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self. Her dad wrote several cookbooks, but she did not mention that.

Took out the garbage and immediately made more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get my nails done. Now that they have had time to heal from the acrylic removal, it is clear they do need some armor plating. They grow out ragged, and break off in jagged pieces.

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