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Another Day Indoors

Stayed in bed till almost noon. Went to sleep late thanks to the book I'm reading taking its sweet time to make it to the next major plot twist. Turned off the alarm and lights at 7:30, Spook was still in bed with me. She got tired of waiting at about 9, but came back up just before 11.

No breakfast, salad and slices of smoked turkey leg for lunch. Two ice cream sandwiches - mint chip & chocolate.

Read all the news, I hate it when CBC and BBC plagiarize an AP story including the misleading headline.

By comparison, ABC, NBC and CBS local sites all led with the same story, but they each spun it differently and wrote their own headlines. "BART GM apologizes to man handcuffed after eating sandwich". Only one of the three articles pointed out that there are signs all over every BART station prohibiting eating and drinking.

Garbage collection was late today, our garbage is collected regardless of holidays. Brought the bins in at about 1 pm or so. Hung out on the porch - it was 75° - for a bit, with a glass of diet cola. Not many hummingbirds, but a flock of some other small birds was in the tree across the street. Spook kept an eye on me from her front porch platform.

Watered the front garden and roses. Still need to cut back the roses for the winter, but not while roses are still blooming.

Looked more thoroughly into my Plan C finances. Mostly by accident the stocks and bonds I invested in have increased in value quite a bit since I bought them. They are all still going up except Tesla, and it is mostly holding steady. So I'll hold onto them as long as I can.

Checked Trulia and Compass realty sites, it turns out there are only 3 homes for sale in the park including mine. The other 3-BR is listed at $259k compared to my $230k. The other is a small 2-br.

In other online news, it seems I should not have been ignoring The Hunchback musical. A friend played Esmeralda in a pro gig last year, and two of the local companies produced it. During the afternoon's YouTube session, I found a very special performance of a song from that.

Here's the rabbit trail:
1. Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid was in my brain
2. Found a clip of Sierra Bogess singing it on TV to hype the Broadway show
3. Found Jodie Benson singing it at a fan's wedding
4. That popped up click-bait 6 Wonderful Performances Of Songs From Musicals | Got Talent Global which was mostly children
5. #4 was from Sweden, a small pink-haired girl in a wheelchair singing something I couldn't catch because I expected her to be speaking Swedish. They did not give her name or the name of the song, and it was not one I knew.
6. They did provide a link to the original Sweden's Got Talent clip. The singer was Johanna Eriksson, but the song was not named on the clip. She starts a bit muffled, but at then end I caught the phrase "I thought we all were the children of God.".
7. Did a web search, found the original Disney animation of the song
8. Now that I understood the words, returned to Johanna's rendition. Played it a couple of times. It's much more poignant from a girl in a wheelchair, I think.
So here it is:


And then on my Thai radio station "Talay" came Rod Stewart making a ground up hash of the classic Cat Stevens song, First Cut is the Deepest. After checking it was Cat's, I looked up YouTubes of it and discovered that before Cat recorded it, a black singer in the UK made it into a hit. P.P. Arnold. Good voice, pretty woman, her bio said she would never have gotten her albums produced in whitebread Hollywood.

A little before 2 I was surprised to see the daily drive home in progress. I'd thought he would have had the day off. It was snowing in Chicago.
Hung around on Twitch a bit. Spook clawed at my butt, her way of telling me to watch TV or feed her treats. She parked herself in front of the recliner, so it was TV. I tuned in a couple if sports weekend wrap-up shows.

My nails are a mess. Went on Yelp, found a new-ish place in SVale, the second branch of a nail parlor in MV. Made an appointment for tomorrow at 2. Now that my toenails are not all bleeding, I'll get a pedicure as well.

Did one chore - opened a jar of peanut butter and stirred it (I use the kind which comes with the oil on top).

Salad, watched PTI, then played the 49er-Seahawks game in Tivo. Hungry Man Salisbury steak. Mango chunks and sweetened milk for dessert. 9ers blew it, first settling for a field goal to tie it, then missing the winning field goal in OT. Seattle nailed the last score.

Did another chore - moved the linen rack a few feet to the right, where the TV had been, so now the bedroom door can open all the way.

Plans for tomorrow:
ATM, get cash for the nails place and maybe a massage
Across the street, plug in the car
Massage? I can't remember which place was the last one I liked. The one next to the gun store?
The one in Saratoga near the pizza place needs an appointment these days.

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