Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Some call it pampering

Up with the alarm, for a change. Hgl 156, not very good at all for an 8 am reading. BP was 126/70 which the meter says is "elevated" but 120/70 is normal, as far as I can tell. Gained 1.3 lbs.

The usual breakfast. Did all the online things and it was still before 10 am. Ran a dishwasher load, mostly because I was out of salad bowls.

Read some more, and when I thought I had finished the trilogy, turns out I had only finished book 2.

Watched some streams on Twitch. Skipped lunch, just wasn't very hungry. Blame the halloween sized butterfingers maybe. And a few saltines. Threw one saltine to Spook, she ate most of it but left a lot of crumbs.

1 pm, drove to the ATM, got $ because the nails and massage places charge extra for plastic. And tips need to be in cash.**

On to the new nails place, they are in a spot in a Safeway anchored shopping plaza which has had many different occupants. Last time i was there it was a child learning center which looked like a scam. The OMG Nail salon is  very big, brand new everything, but there was only one customer when I got there, but just before I left a stunning petite blonde woman in a form fitting exercise outfit came in. I had the deluxe pedicure and while one woman, Mai, did that, another, Sang, fitted my broken nails with plastic tips superglued on, and filled in the main nails with acrylic or gel, and topped with UV-cured gel. The fingernails look great, but the toenails only got trimmed, they still look ugly. All the work was done on the sides and bottoms of my feet. The whole shebang cost $101. **I forgot to tip. I'll have to go back tomorrow with a couple of $5 bills.

Went from there across the street to charge the car. It went from 50% to 86%. As I sat there, a waif-like blonde with a crying infant in the back seat tried to charge her VW from the next unit over, but she had some issues. The cable didn't reach, she had to back in. And then her app didn't work. She left without getting a charge.

On to Mountain View, about 4 miles down the street, to Eve Massage. No wait for a room, but the massage was interrupted several times. Apparently she's also the receptionist. Massage was good, but not nearly as good as the last time.

Caught in rush hour traffic on the way home, took surface roads instead of nearby 237. Stopped off at GO and plugged in again. Right off the bat they had a mandolin slicer for $10 which was $17 on Amazon. And I also got two small cocktail shrimp trays for $5 apiece. And bananas. They did not have egg nog. :-(

Home, put stuff away. Spook wanted treats and brought me a toy mouse to toss to her.

Checked email. My online police issue was replied to, they need to have me talk to an officer. Not sure if I will do that. I should, though, just to find out what they can/cannot do to help.

On tivo: Shark Tank, where nothing which was being pitched struck me as a good idea. Below Deck Abi, the redhead with the searchlight blue eyes quit. She was supposed to be a deck hand, but never did much work. Another deck hand got sick,the doctor said it was a virus, gave him an injection. The charter itself was a lot of fun, a group of overweight women who like to drink and were there to have a good time. The chef continues to be a douchebag, but he at least made good meals this time.

More storm chasers online, one was parked at the shores of Lake Erie, which was windy and choppy and threatening to snow. Found another Thai woman streamer, she was at a temple festival in BKK. It's Loi Kratong this week. Also found another beautiful woman whose stream consists of her sitting in front of the camera displaying her ample cleavage. An talking to her boyfriend. Not going to follow her... 

Plans for tomorrow:
Bank, change the $50 into $5's or maybe $10 is a more appropriate tip for $100 of work. Nah, it's $50 from each, so $5 tip.
Bring the tips to the nail place
Maybe hang out at the Starbucks there.

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